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Things to Consider When Going to Hair Salons

Things to Consider When Going to Hair Salons

hair salonHair salons are known to offer quality services. Choosing one that meets your specific needs and suits your budget may be difficult, though. Perth hair salons offer a variety of services. Prices and services range differ from one salon to the next. Be sure to scout for options and to get the best value for your money as well as the best hairstyle possible.

Industry authority circlesofsubiaco.com.au says before visiting Perth hair salons, keep in mind the following:


Friends, colleagues and associates make excellent sources of information on salons. When you see someone with great hair, ask who styled it. You can always pay a visit to the said salon and meet your future hairstylist.


When you visit a prospective salon that you may intend using, take the time to note of the cleanliness and hygiene involved in their process. First impressions would certainly count here, especially the sterilisation methods. If you have any doubts, talk to the stylists or assistants to help you form a firm opinion on the place and decide whether you want to patronise their establishment or not. After all, you do not want to end up with skin infections and the like in a new salon.

Previous work

Most hairstylists put up blowups of their work on their salon walls and this may give you a fair idea of the quality of their work. These will help you get a clear idea of what you can expect from your stylist.


Knowing your budget is important. Certain salons may be pricy and the bill might be a bit of a shock to you, if you aren’t prepared. Here, affordability counts because loving the salon and paying for their services are two different issues. So ensure that you can afford the charges even if they are a bit steep, because well known salons are likely to charge more.

4 Secrets to a Dream Backyard for your Furry Friend

PetsHearing birds chirping and seeing dogs running in the garden are a dream of many homeowners. You love to do garden work and improve your backyard, but you also have pets to take care of. Creating a safe place for pets without destroying your hard work, however, takes smart planning. Now that you’ve made your living room pet-friendly, it is the right time to move outdoors.

Here’s how to transform your space into a peaceful retreat for pets:

Set up barriers

Pets are always curious and they love to explore. As much as you like them seeing happy outside your home, you would not want them to get lost. Start your renovation project with building a fully fenced backyard. By installing a picket fence or a chain link fence, according to home expert Vinyl Fence Connection, you will know your pets are safe and contented. No matter what fencing you choose, be sure it’s strong enough to protect your pets.

Set up a digging area

Dogs and cats love to dig to alleviate boredom, but that can make your garden messy. To make the yard enjoyable for you and your playful pets, choose an area where they can dig. You can bury some treats on the designated area to let your pets know.

Add a water feature

Just like humans, pets need food and water. Your backyard should have plenty of fresh water, so it’s best to add a water feature that your pets can access easily. It could be a fountain, a pond, or a waterfall. Make sure it’s not deep so your dog can get out fast. Water features are not just perfect for water-loving dogs, but also for birds. You may add life to your water feature with plants and fish.

Create a shady retreat

Your pets can suffer from heat stroke and sunburn, too. When the temperature turns too hot and humid, you may want to build your pets a cool place to retreat from the heat. It can be a doghouse, a shady planted area, or arbors and pergolas.

Making your yard pet-friendly is easier than you think. Always keep your pets entertained because a bored dog and cat will only look for trouble.

Engagement Blunders: What not to do when Popping the Big Question

Engagement Blunders: What not to do when Popping the Big Question

diamond engagement ringsSo, you’ve finally decided to pop that question. But, like any other guy, you are probably anxious just by thinking about the actual marriage proposal. After all, that is the moment that both you and your future wife will remember for the rest of your lives.

Of course, you want your proposal to be perfect. She will appreciate that you ask the question, so do not let your nerves get the best of you. Avoid these common proposal blunders and you’ll surely get a “Yes”.

Do Not Go Empty-Handed

Do not propose without a ring. Popping that big question without a ring is probably the biggest engagement faux pas a man could make. There are many available diamond engagement rings from top jewellery stores. Though your declaration of love is more important than any other jewelry pieces, an engagement will not be 100 per cent legit without that precious ring.

Make Sure She is also Ready

Do not propose too early. Make sure you and your girl have talked about real relationship challenges. After the talk and some quality time together, try to weather your partner’s mood to know if she is equally ready to commit.

Avoid Proposing in a Large Crowd

If you are thinking about shouting your proposal for the entire world to hear, think again. Choose a private place where she can savour the moment. You want to linger on your little love bubble, don’t you? How can that be possible if friends, colleagues, family members, and even strangers get in your face to congratulate you?

Do Not Broadcast Your Plan

As much as possible, keep your proposal a secret. Do not tell everyone about your plan, especially the specifics on how you will do it. People tend to spill the bean when they are excited. Even if no one spoils the surprise, your partner might still get upset if she later learns that a lot of your friends and even her mates knew about it before she did, giving her no chance to surprise them.

Marriage proposals are exciting. Before you blurt out those four words, make sure to keep the above tips in mind, so your proposal would be an epic romance rather than a situation comedy.

Web Conferencing: What It Means for Businesses

Web Conferencing: What It Means for Businesses

video conferencingWith great developments in technology, it’s an understatement to say that the field simply progressed. Truth be told, technology made great leaps forward in different forms, paving the way for faster Internet connections and a world that relies heavily on information.

Of course, this phenomenon has its effects on business communities around the world. In South Africa, for one, the country’s telco finally launched LTE SIM cards to provide faster mobile data connections.

This has also prompted more focus on the way enterprises use the Internet. Today, it’s now essential for a company to harness every form of technology out there – including web and audio conferencing. According to Internet Solutions, web conferencing presents the following benefits:

Better use of resources

Online conferencing eliminates the need for travel, enabling business execs to perform other tasks instead of weaving through airports and hotel rooms.

Put simply, the technology paves the way for a more efficient use of time and money – two valuable resources every business needs. Indeed, it is a lot more economical to buy a powerful computer and subscribe to a decent Internet connection than to buy plane tickets every month or so.

With web and audio conferencing, businesses evade the heavy blow of travel costs on the company’s coffers without sacrificing client satisfaction and retention.

Easier connectivity

Even though online meetings eliminate face-to-face contact, these meetings still present an easier way to connect with other people, particularly important clients. The system is extremely flexible, as meetings are possible 24/7 without a lot of trouble on either party.

Newer opportunities

Every enterprise thrives because of the talents it employs – and this is a need that you can address through web conferencing. All it takes is just one video call to find the finest talent around regardless of the location. You expand your recruitment to include professionals outside your current reach. Without geographical barriers, you open your business to more opportunities and enrich your entrepreneurial growth.

With the way technology continues to reshape the world each day, it’s just right for businesses to adapt to the more modern options of doing business.

Learn More about RSA with the Australian Hotels Association (WA)

Learn More about RSA with the Australian Hotels Association (WA)

hotelStudent: I live in the Wheatbelt region and have just finished high school. I’m moving to Perth early next year to study at UWA and need to find work. My friends and I thought it would be cool to work in a bar in the city, and someone said I need a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate. Is this right?

AHA Professional Adviser: Hello! Yes, that is right. RSA training is mandatory for all staff involved in the sale, service or supply of liquor. So, if you want to work in a bar, you’ll have to complete your training.

As an accredited provider of RSA training, AHA(WA) has trained more than 100,000 people in all forms of RSA since 1997.

Student: Great! So, how much does it cost and do I have to go somewhere to take the course?

AHA Professional Adviser: The AHA(WA) RSA course is fully online, so you can take the course over the Internet at home before you even move to Perth. That way, you can hit the ground running when you get here and find work. The course costs $65 or $55 for students.

You don’t have to complete it all at once. You can do it bit by bit and when it is convenient for you. Your RSA Certificate will be immediately emailed to you once you’ve successfully completed your assessment and payment.

Please let me know if you have any further questions and good luck with your online RSA training and your studies.

Student: Thanks for your help. I’ll get onto my RSA training straight away!

Vans for Tours and Excursions: More Savings, More Fun!

Vans for Tours and Excursions: More Savings, More Fun!

van for hireYou have planned a great tour for a big group of kids, including adults. The adults going along in the trip volunteered to bring their personal vehicles to accommodate everyone. But, as the organiser, you are in a dilemma whether to listen to the adults or ask them to spend some money on hiring a van. They might even oppose the idea of renting, thinking of the money they need to spend.

But the truth is, hiring a van for your any tour or excursion is a better option in many ways. Perth’s leading van rental company, ariescarrental.com.au, shares some details on the benefits of van hiring:

More savings

Just do the math. One small four-wheeler may consume one gallon for every 20 miles covered, and two or more of the same kind of vehicles are going to consume gas proportionately. This implies that the more vehicles you use for the travel, the more gas will be consumed. This will only increase the amount of money spent on the excursion.

But, if you hire a huge van, you can save on the gas consumed and go green while travelling. You can also save on the total expenditure for the entire tour, the maintenance required for the vehicle and the toll fees you need to pay.

Staying Together

The main reason for going on an excursion with a big group is to spend some quality time together. If this is what you want, travelling in separate vehicles is not recommended. But, if your group will stay in the same van, imagine all the fun you will have while travelling.

Share all these information with everyone who will go with you in your planned trip. These will help them fully realise the benefits of hiring a van when going on group tour and excursions.

Understanding How Rental Property Management Works

Understanding How Rental Property Management Works

rental property managementIt is now customary for many large corporate houses to hire the services of property management agencies to look after their real estate when they are unable to do so. These agencies deal directly with tenants, market properties for sale or rent, collect rents, handle repair and maintenance issues, respond to and resolving tenant complaints, as also pursuing evictions.

Moreover, an efficient rental property management agency has the experience and knowledge to manage your property well. This takes a huge amount of responsibility off your mind, as these agencies function independently. To understand how they work, here is a brief discussion:

Multiple Properties

These agencies are ideal for those who have numerous rental units. They can entrust the overall care and supervision of these properties to these agencies safely. Also, if your properties are located at distances far from where you operate, the property management agency will take care of looking after them.

For those who view property as investments only but are not interested in their daily hands-on management, property maintenance agencies are highly recommended because they take the trouble of handling the complicated nuances of daily management.

Limited Time

For property owners with limited time for property management, these agencies provide a number of services that allow you to devote time to other activities, which may be the core functions of your business. They arrange for searching new properties for acquisition, organize financing for major repairs and renovations, and even supervise the latter, if required.

But, keep in mind that employing some of these larger agencies becomes a viable option only if your property is large enough to merit it. Their fees range from five to 10 per cent of the rent collected on the property.

Choosing an efficient agency requires careful scrutiny of all firms available in the market. When you are part of a large housing program where operations may be somewhat complicated, their services can be a valuable investment.

4 Hot Water Systems to Make Your Life Warmer

4 Hot Water Systems to Make Your Life Warmer

solar panelAustralia’s 2014 winter has been recorded so far to be the stormiest and coldest season in 103 years. As reported in Perth Now News last July 12th, severe weather warning was issued for Perth and South West:

“…JUST 800 households across Perth remain without power after yesterday’s wild storm.

At the height of the storm yesterday about 26,000 households across Perth and the South West were blacked out as high winds and heavy rain lashed Perth and the South West of the state.”

As such, the Australian government is encouraging everyone to stay safe and warm.

Categorically, one way of staying warm at home is to have a hot water system. Hot water that you can get anytime you want is even better. The system can be installed so that all the faucets in your house including the kitchen, the bathroom and even the laundry room have access to instant hot water.

E-Solar and Bosch point out that there are many hot water systems available at your disposal, which can be installed easily. Some of the most popular are:

1. Solar Energy

There are many technologies available to achieve a constant supply of hot water. For instance, solar energy to create hot water in Perth is a popular option for many households that want to take advantage of the environment and at the same time conserve it.

This is by far the best answer to rising energy costs. It comes from a renewable source so the heated water does not have any carbon footprint to think of. If there is a huge benefit that solar power offers users is that it is free. Say goodbye to your high energy bills, when you opt to use this method.

2. Natural Gas System

This is by far, one of the most common means of having hot water on tap. There are actually two basic types namely an internal and an external system. The best advantage of the use of this system is you can have warm water at any time you prefer, which is convenient, if you live in a cold environment.

3. LPG Water Heaters

For those that do not have access to natural gas systems there is always LPG or liquefied petroleum gas systems. There are a couple of water heating technologies associated with this namely: the steady stream system and the storage setup system. Each is quite convenient and easy to use.

4. Electrical Energy System

As the name suggests, it runs on electrical power, in order to produce the hot water required by the homeowner. Works best in small spaces like apartments and condominiums.

With the choices above, you will never feel cold again.

Determining the Value of Management Rights

Determining the Value of Management Rights

The value of a Management Rights property is determined by adding the manager’s unit value to the business value. The unit value can be calculated easily by comparing figures of sales of the complex’s similar units or the sales rates of units in adjoining complexes. The unit designated for the manager generally attracts a better price, as it has an additional office space. Also, it’s has the status of being the only place within the premises of a complex, which has provisions for conducting a letting business.

management rights

Understanding the Multiplier

Industry specialists Resort Brokers say the valuation of management rights is also done by applying a “multiplier” on net profits. As people buy real estate as an investment to get bigger returns after a certain period, there is also an element of risk involved. The higher the risk, the higher the return. The multiplier concept is applied by multiplying the annual net return by a figure of 100 and then dividing by 25, if the buyer wants a return of 25% after 10 years. So, if the business nets $100,000 yearly, the price of the business will be 100 dollars multiplied by 100 divided by 25. This valuation commands a higher return against a low-risk-low-effort investment in a building and then leasing it out to the government for 25 years, yielding a return of six per cent at most annually. Management Rights simplifies the math by dividing one hundred by 25 and gets the figure of four. Four is the Multiplier. Once this is done, is $100,000 x 4 = $400,000.

Setting the Multiplier

The multiplier size is determined by market forces and can be very subjective. Factors that affect multipliers include: high interest rates, pending adverse legislation on the management rights industry, the business scale, the age and physical condition of the complex, the size and facilities the managers unit offers; the composition of the income, and additional terms of the agreement.

The Window of Opportunity: 3 of the Most In-Demand Jobs of 2014

The Window of Opportunity: 3 of the Most In-Demand Jobs of 2014

The official number of unemployed reached more than 200 million globally for the first time in 2013; despite this, there are still a number of opportunities for job seekers.

With the big number of unemployed people, looking for a job can be stressful, especially with the tight competition on the job market. A good place to start to increase your odds is to figure out where the demand is, or which jobs are hardest to fill.

job search

Here are some of them:

Skilled Laborers

Manufacturers struggle to fill positions for skilled workers, especially in southwest Florida. The region’s economy is back on steady footing, but they are struggling with shortage of skilled labor, particularly in construction and precision manufacturing. This happens because of the supply, triggered by the increasing number of people who are already retiring. There are not nearly enough young workers to take the posts.

When you choose to work as a skilled laborer in the United States, you should get an EB-3 visa so you can apply for a permanent resident status.


Accountants comprise the largest block of above-average paying jobs in the country. As an increasing number of businesses in every industry emerge, this position has become one of the most in demand jobs in the world—because every business needs to hire one to keep track of their finances.

Organizations usually have a hard time finding the right employee, because accountants needed to be educated not only with accounting, but also with the industry they are working for.

Information Technology Staff

Computer programmers, software developers, computer system analysts, and IT consultants—these are some of the positions with high demand in the fast-growing information technology industry. Employers in this category also pay exceptionally well; software developers, in particular, make an average of $47.59 per hour, or $80,200 to $100,000 a year.

More than looking for the type of job that suits you, it pays to look in the right place as well. Don’t limit yourself to open positions in your country; sometimes, employers abroad are also just waiting for the right person to come—and it could be you.