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Cents and Sensibility: Four Myths about Your Credit Score You Need to Debunk Now

Cents and Sensibility: Four Myths about Your Credit Score You Need to Debunk Now

Many of the things people “know” about credit scores and credit reports have as much validity and truth to it as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. The things that really do have an impact in your personal finances are those that you may, or may not; know about your credit score. This triple-digit representation of your credit worth may seem pretty easy, but credit scores aren’t always intuitive.

From paying off your debts, applying for car financing even with bad credit, to cancelling credit cards, here are some of the top credit score myths and the facts that disprove them.

Credit card swiping machine

Paying All Debts will Clear Your Credit Report

Your credit report details the history of your payments. It gives you the whole picture, not just a snapshot of your current situation. Even if you pay off all your debts right now, your credit report will still reflect your past transactions.

Applying for Another Loan will Hurt You More

Not really. Whether your credit score improves or further dwindles down to oblivion, it’s all up to you. Applying for loans can actually be good for you, provided you do better with your finances this time. Say you apply for a bad credit car loan with Bluesky Auto Finance, your credit score with Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion can actually improve if you do well with payments this time.

The More Money You Earn, the Higher Your Credit Score Will Be

Your income has little or nothing to do with your credit report or credit score. Remember, your report is about your ability to pay bills on time; it’s not a report about your wealth. Even if you have a ton of money, your credit report can still end up being bad if you can’t pay your bills on time for whatever reason.

Cash-Only Transactions will Help Boost Your Credit Score

For you to have good credit, you have to use credit, and responsibly at that. The report takes a look into how you pay your debts. If you don’t have a credit card, credit bureaus will look into your loans and other mechanisms in gauging your ability to repay debt.

They say knowledge is power, and rightfully so. When it comes to managing your finances, nothing is more important than being informed and knowing what to do.

Best Pets for Apartment Living

Best Pets for Apartment Living

There are many restrictions about pet ownership if you’re renting an apartment or condominium. Fortunately, there a lot of animals that can do well in small spaces. Here are some of them:


Study says that 15 to 20 minutes of looking at a fish swimming can alleviate stress. One good choice is betta fish, which come in different shades of red, violet, and green. Aquatic creatures such as hermit crabs also make good apartment pets. They live in shells and only need a tiny space to crawl around.


If you prefer an animal that you can interact with, cats are for you. Cats are ideal for cuddling and require low maintenance. They can also adapt easily to indoor life and cope well with the human lifestyle. Best cat apartment breeds include Persian, Russian Blue, and Javanese.



Not all dog breeds are suitable for apartment or condominium living. Dogs like pugs are a good choice, as they’re quiet and only require a little time outdoor for exercising. Other apartment-friendly breeds include Pomeranian, Daschund, Chihuahua, Maltese, English bulldog, and Boston terrier.

Guinea Pigs

Small furry pets like guinea pigs are also great for confined living spaces, as they only require cages for living and playing. You can give them hamster wheels and tubes for exercise in the cage. Guinea pigs come in different colors, and can have short or long hair.


Birds, such as parrots or parakeet, make great pets. Such bird species do fine in cozier species and aren’t loud enough to bother other people. Finches and canaries are also perfect for apartment renters, as their small voices go virtually unnoticed to those who aren’t trying to hear them.

Check with your condominium or apartment manager or potential rental communities to confirm the acceptance of your chosen pet. Most importantly, make sure to provide ample care for pets for long-term companionship.

Shipping Smarter, Doing Business Better: Saving Costs on Transportation and Logistics

Shipping Smarter, Doing Business Better: Saving Costs on Transportation and Logistics

Shipping merchandise can be one of the most difficult operations for small businesses. Lack of proper planning and wrong decision making in transportation and logistics can cause missed delivery targets, damaged goods, and great financial loss. As a business owner, you want to minimize your expenses and maximize your profits. More earnings mean you can strengthen your business, build your staff, and offer great service to your customers. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce costs.

commercial truck auctions

Buy a new truck at auction

Buying used commercial trucks at auctions is a great way to save money. Many companies conduct public truck auctions that offer different makes and models of second-hand vehicles. With the right strategy and preparation, it is easy to find and score a bargain.

Conduct an audit

Conduct a transportation audit, as this will provide you with a road map for improving processes and customer satisfaction. Hire an experienced accountant to evaluate your finances. They can advise you on how to keep transportation expenses under control. The results of the audit provide a list of cost savings and opportunities.

Effectively managing expenses can affect your business’s bottom line. With the slowing economy, it’s important to know these strategies to ensure higher earnings.

Nurseries Aren’t the Problem, So Don’t Act Like They Are

Nurseries Aren’t the Problem, So Don’t Act Like They Are

In recent years, mums have been made to feel like failures by the conservative agenda just for sending their children to day nurseries. The pervasive thought that sending a child off to education too early leads to behavioural problems is a load of tosh that points the finger towards an institution that can’t defend itself.

day nurseries

Behavioural problems occur in everybody, regardless of when their parents put them in a nursery. Is there enough evidence to suggest that children from Derby sent to nurseries like Galaxies Day Nursery, for example, have more chances of becoming problems in later life? No, there are trends, and trends are much too general to make any kind of definitive links between the two. But anti-nursery activists have linked them nonetheless.

The only argument explicitly against day nurseries is the quality of staff, a problem that’s continually being addressed. The argument goes that the people put in charge of caring for our young have no idea what they’re doing, well, neither does anybody else. There are no golden rules in early education that much is clear, children have different needs and learn in different ways.

It is difficult to expect a single program could affect every child positively, and it is just as difficult to expect a single program to affect every child negatively.

The Working Man: Top 3 Qualities of a Professional Tradesman

The Working Man: Top 3 Qualities of a Professional Tradesman

A tradesman works in fields such as craft or construction. With so many of them in the industry, some people find it difficult to look for a professional and reliable tradesman when the need arises. Jobs such as plumbing, carpentry, and many others require special skills gained through years of training and experience.

In the trade industry, jobs are often hard to come by. This is why having the required skills is important. To be successful, one must have:

Awareness of safety requirements

A professional tradesman is aware of the safety guidelines and precautions recommended for their specific field. Carpenters, for instance, need to know the right sanding tools, how to use it safely, and what they need to wear at worksite. They should employ these safety rules in all aspects of their work.


In-depth knowledge about equipment and tools

A professional tradesman is knowledgeable with all the tools and equipment used in their work. They should not just look for the right sanding tool on GTPro, but also seek expert guidance with NSW Fair Trading Agency.

Great customer service skills

Communication is important in a service-oriented profession. To be successful, those working in trade must have excellent customer service skills. They should also meet the needs and expectations placed upon them. A successful tradesman can also skillfully perform tasks with any related equipment and tools easily.

Transforming Your Home Spa into an Oasis of Calm

Transforming Your Home Spa into an Oasis of Calm

Home spas have a way of transporting us into an oasis where deadlines and e-mails don’t exist. There’s nothing more refreshing and relaxing on a sunny day than a dip in a clean spa. Without maintenance and spa repair from your trusty Salt Lake City provider, it will instantly become unsanitary and an eyesore.

spa repair

Here’s how to keep your spa clean and alluring all year round:

Ensure pH Balance

The water in your spa is unsafe if the pH is too high or low. Test the pH Balance weekly, especially if you use the pool frequently. Proper pH will improve water clarity and safety, while pH that’s too high or low causes skin irritation. Ask a spa repair and service company to clean it regularly and add balancing chemicals if needed.

Suppress Algae Growth

Algae and other bacteria are invisible to the naked eye. Without proper maintenance by a Salt Lake spa service provider, the microorganisms will grow and cause cloudy and unsafe water. Inspect the pool weekly to make sure you have enough chlorine to suppress algae growth.

Ensuring a safe, clean spa is important for your family’s safety and is your responsibility as an owner. Be smart and don’t let your home spa become a hazard.



Are All Accidents Preventable? Top 3 Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires

Although everyone likes to think of their homes as sanctuaries of security and comfort, the typical Arkansas house has some significant safety risks. In fact, accidental house fires remain a serious safety threat to homeowners.

Home fires claim more than 3,000 lives each year, making them the third-leading cause of accidental deaths at home. Most people think a fire accident is something that is inevitable. But almost every accident is preventable.

Here are some ways to prevent electrical fires:

Preventing Electrical Fires

Inspect electrical wiring

If you have an older home, have an electrical contractor come and inspect your wiring. Electrical wirings don’t last forever, so it might be due for a rewire. As electrical work can lead to injury or fire if not done correctly, it’s best to leave these repairs to experienced electrical contractors.

Never overload

A common cause of electrical fire is overloading, which happens when you plug many appliances into the same socket. If you need to plug a number of gadgets or appliances, use a power strip.  Never hide extension cords under rugs or carpets, as they can easily start a fire.

Check your appliances for broken cords

Faulty wiring is one of the main causes of fires. If you notice any broken plugs and cords, replace it with new wiring. Cords that are in bad condition can overheat and cause sparks.

Reduce your risks of an electrical fire with these simple steps. It’s a matter of planning to prevent a fire.

How to Financially Prepare for Divorce

How to Financially Prepare for Divorce

Divorce involves not only a complicated, but financially-draining process. Many couples who decide to part ways experience a combination of emotional and monetary concerns. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize the financial damage of divorce and prepare for a financially-stable future.

choosing the best divorce lawyer

Hire a Financial Advisor

It’s important to have a competent divorce lawyer to get you through the divorce process, but it’s also worth having a financial advisor. Your advisor can help you develop a budget and plan for future spending and provide a comprehensive financial report or analysis that your lawyer can use to justify the settlement of your affairs.

Organize Important Records

You’ll need access to several records as you update your marital status, name, and address, so it’s important to find and organize them. The documents you’ll need include wills, powers of attorney, social security cards, life insurance, company benefit and retirement statements; mortgage statements, car titles, loan documents, payment books, and bank account statements.

Close Joint Accounts

Divorce attorneys suggest closing all joint accounts with your spouse, including credit cards, checking and savings accounts, safe deposit boxes, and investments. Check your credit report to make sure that you didn’t miss anything. Now is the time to open your own account.

Preparing your finances in advance will safeguard your future and increase your chances of getting a settlement in your favor.

The Power of PPC Advertising: Three Ways to Raise Brand Awareness

The Power of PPC Advertising: Three Ways to Raise Brand Awareness

With so many Search Engine Optimisation services available, it is difficult to determine which will best serve your needs. But with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, businesses do know. No matter what your budget is, you can display your ads on search engines like Google.

You will pay only if people click your ads. They can simply click your ad to learn more about your business, or to make a purchase. This is why it is best to hire the expertise of a reliable SEO company to establish a solid online presence using options like PPC.

search engine optimisation services

Here’s how other advertisers reached their business goals using PPC:

Know when to use PPC

PPC ads drive awareness, but it is not ideal for every business. It can be a great way to generate focused attention. But you need to know when to strategically use it for your purposes.

Measure everything

While PPC can be costly, it is worth the investment if you’re earning from all those clicks. The amount you spend per click should be less than the total profit earned for every click. It is important to regularly measure everything to know if your PPC campaign is a success.

Be clear on your goals

Your goal should be to get people to search you. The only way for you to get an edge is to spend a lot of time improving the relevance and quality of your ads.

PPC can be an effective marketing tool for your business. You just need to know when and how to use it to reap the most benefits.

Three Things You Need to Know about Direct Drive Rotary Tables

Three Things You Need to Know about Direct Drive Rotary Tables

It is easy to see why direct drive rotary tables are every metal worker’s choice of instrument for heavy machining operations. They allow precise contouring and positioning of a work piece without using multiple machines. They are especially useful in producing multiple faces and cutting complex curves.

rotary table

You can still make better use of a handy direct drive rotary table if you have a good handle on its operation. Check out these three things you need to know about the table:

Inexistent Compliant Couplings

As you do not use indirect gear drives with this kind of rotary table, you do not have check the compliant couplings every now and then.

No Time Delay

With a direct drive system, you do not have to clamp the spindle if you intend to do a stationary cut. As long as the cutting force is well within the torque generated from the motor, the servo will hold position. There is no clamp to the work piece, so you do not have to wait for it to disengage after you are done with a particular operation.

Servo Instability

You do not have to worry about the levels of servo instability when using a direct drive rotary table. As there are no gears between the motor and the load, a backlash hardly occurs. You can make bidirectional movement without compensating for backlash error. This also means you can set the servo gain or the stiffness at high levels.

Direct drive rotary tables offer endless cutting and positioning capabilities. Browse related websites to know more about the machine.