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Understanding How Rental Property Management Works

Understanding How Rental Property Management Works

rental property managementIt is now customary for many large corporate houses to hire the services of property management agencies to look after their real estate when they are unable to do so. These agencies deal directly with tenants, market properties for sale or rent, collect rents, handle repair and maintenance issues, respond to and resolving tenant complaints, as also pursuing evictions.

Moreover, an efficient rental property management agency has the experience and knowledge to manage your property well. This takes a huge amount of responsibility off your mind, as these agencies function independently. To understand how they work, here is a brief discussion:

Multiple Properties

These agencies are ideal for those who have numerous rental units. They can entrust the overall care and supervision of these properties to these agencies safely. Also, if your properties are located at distances far from where you operate, the property management agency will take care of looking after them.

For those who view property as investments only but are not interested in their daily hands-on management, property maintenance agencies are highly recommended because they take the trouble of handling the complicated nuances of daily management.

Limited Time

For property owners with limited time for property management, these agencies provide a number of services that allow you to devote time to other activities, which may be the core functions of your business. They arrange for searching new properties for acquisition, organize financing for major repairs and renovations, and even supervise the latter, if required.

But, keep in mind that employing some of these larger agencies becomes a viable option only if your property is large enough to merit it. Their fees range from five to 10 per cent of the rent collected on the property.

Choosing an efficient agency requires careful scrutiny of all firms available in the market. When you are part of a large housing program where operations may be somewhat complicated, their services can be a valuable investment.

4 Hot Water Systems to Make Your Life Warmer

4 Hot Water Systems to Make Your Life Warmer

solar panelAustralia’s 2014 winter has been recorded so far to be the stormiest and coldest season in 103 years. As reported in Perth Now News last July 12th, severe weather warning was issued for Perth and South West:

“…JUST 800 households across Perth remain without power after yesterday’s wild storm.

At the height of the storm yesterday about 26,000 households across Perth and the South West were blacked out as high winds and heavy rain lashed Perth and the South West of the state.”

As such, the Australian government is encouraging everyone to stay safe and warm.

Categorically, one way of staying warm at home is to have a hot water system. Hot water that you can get anytime you want is even better. The system can be installed so that all the faucets in your house including the kitchen, the bathroom and even the laundry room have access to instant hot water.

E-Solar and Bosch point out that there are many hot water systems available at your disposal, which can be installed easily. Some of the most popular are:

1. Solar Energy

There are many technologies available to achieve a constant supply of hot water. For instance, solar energy to create hot water in Perth is a popular option for many households that want to take advantage of the environment and at the same time conserve it.

This is by far the best answer to rising energy costs. It comes from a renewable source so the heated water does not have any carbon footprint to think of. If there is a huge benefit that solar power offers users is that it is free. Say goodbye to your high energy bills, when you opt to use this method.

2. Natural Gas System

This is by far, one of the most common means of having hot water on tap. There are actually two basic types namely an internal and an external system. The best advantage of the use of this system is you can have warm water at any time you prefer, which is convenient, if you live in a cold environment.

3. LPG Water Heaters

For those that do not have access to natural gas systems there is always LPG or liquefied petroleum gas systems. There are a couple of water heating technologies associated with this namely: the steady stream system and the storage setup system. Each is quite convenient and easy to use.

4. Electrical Energy System

As the name suggests, it runs on electrical power, in order to produce the hot water required by the homeowner. Works best in small spaces like apartments and condominiums.

With the choices above, you will never feel cold again.

Determining the Value of Management Rights

Determining the Value of Management Rights

The value of a Management Rights property is determined by adding the manager’s unit value to the business value. The unit value can be calculated easily by comparing figures of sales of the complex’s similar units or the sales rates of units in adjoining complexes. The unit designated for the manager generally attracts a better price, as it has an additional office space. Also, it’s has the status of being the only place within the premises of a complex, which has provisions for conducting a letting business.

management rights

Understanding the Multiplier

Industry specialists Resort Brokers say the valuation of management rights is also done by applying a “multiplier” on net profits. As people buy real estate as an investment to get bigger returns after a certain period, there is also an element of risk involved. The higher the risk, the higher the return. The multiplier concept is applied by multiplying the annual net return by a figure of 100 and then dividing by 25, if the buyer wants a return of 25% after 10 years. So, if the business nets $100,000 yearly, the price of the business will be 100 dollars multiplied by 100 divided by 25. This valuation commands a higher return against a low-risk-low-effort investment in a building and then leasing it out to the government for 25 years, yielding a return of six per cent at most annually. Management Rights simplifies the math by dividing one hundred by 25 and gets the figure of four. Four is the Multiplier. Once this is done, is $100,000 x 4 = $400,000.

Setting the Multiplier

The multiplier size is determined by market forces and can be very subjective. Factors that affect multipliers include: high interest rates, pending adverse legislation on the management rights industry, the business scale, the age and physical condition of the complex, the size and facilities the managers unit offers; the composition of the income, and additional terms of the agreement.

The Window of Opportunity: 3 of the Most In-Demand Jobs of 2014

The Window of Opportunity: 3 of the Most In-Demand Jobs of 2014

The official number of unemployed reached more than 200 million globally for the first time in 2013; despite this, there are still a number of opportunities for job seekers.

With the big number of unemployed people, looking for a job can be stressful, especially with the tight competition on the job market. A good place to start to increase your odds is to figure out where the demand is, or which jobs are hardest to fill.

job search

Here are some of them:

Skilled Laborers

Manufacturers struggle to fill positions for skilled workers, especially in southwest Florida. The region’s economy is back on steady footing, but they are struggling with shortage of skilled labor, particularly in construction and precision manufacturing. This happens because of the supply, triggered by the increasing number of people who are already retiring. There are not nearly enough young workers to take the posts.

When you choose to work as a skilled laborer in the United States, you should get an EB-3 visa so you can apply for a permanent resident status.


Accountants comprise the largest block of above-average paying jobs in the country. As an increasing number of businesses in every industry emerge, this position has become one of the most in demand jobs in the world—because every business needs to hire one to keep track of their finances.

Organizations usually have a hard time finding the right employee, because accountants needed to be educated not only with accounting, but also with the industry they are working for.

Information Technology Staff

Computer programmers, software developers, computer system analysts, and IT consultants—these are some of the positions with high demand in the fast-growing information technology industry. Employers in this category also pay exceptionally well; software developers, in particular, make an average of $47.59 per hour, or $80,200 to $100,000 a year.

More than looking for the type of job that suits you, it pays to look in the right place as well. Don’t limit yourself to open positions in your country; sometimes, employers abroad are also just waiting for the right person to come—and it could be you.

Learn More about Roof Maintenance: What Type of Roof Tiles Should You Choose?

Learn More about Roof Maintenance: What Type of Roof Tiles Should You Choose?

Proper roof repair and maintenance should involve professionals who will inspect your roof and recommend repair job if needed. In most cases, they would suggest replacement or restoration for roof tiles, as these get weathered down after being completely exposed to natural elements.

If your roof needs tile replacement, read on to know more about the different types of roof tiles available. These can be classified broadly into two categories —based on the material they are made of or the shape of the tile.

roof repair

Different Tile Materials

A variety of materials is used for making roof tiles. Some of these include the following:

Clay – a traditionally used material; offers good waterproofing; glazed to add glamour to their appearance, but are quite susceptible to damage, particularly if you walk on them

Cement – makes the tile waterproof, tough, durable and strong enough to withstand a person walking on it; resistant to mould growth

Metal – A stone-coated steel roof tile is extremely durable and will still retain the appeal of a classic roof tile. Roofs made with metal tiles can last for as long as 50 years. Metals such as aluminium and steel are commonly used to make these tiles.

Synthetic materials like polymer and vinyl – extremely durable, mould resistant and fire resistant; help make the home look more attractive; more affordable option

Different Roof Tile Shapes

Roof tiles come in different shapes to suit your requirements. These include the following:

• Flat shaped tile made of clay, wood, concrete and plastic are typically laid in an overlapping fashion.
• Curved tiles are concave at one end and convex at the other, which helps in interlocking of tiles.
• S-shaped tiles which lend themselves better to interlocking.
• Barrel shaped tiles, which are to be laid in columns with alternating convex and concave tiles.

From this wide selection available, you can choose the best option based on your budget, the durability of the tile, and its appearance.

Your Battle Against Drugs: 3 Signs You’re an Addict

Your Battle Against Drugs: 3 Signs You’re an Addict

A drug addict is a person whose life revolves around drugs such as heroin, marijuana, or cocaine. For many, it comes as a great surprise. Drug abuse can cause problems at work, home, and relationships. In fact, it can leave you feeling isolated.

It’s important, however, to know that help is available. With people you can turn for guidance, recovering can be much easier. As industry expert Alpine Recovery Lodge puts it: “being surrounded with other individuals who walk a similar path often leads to lifelong friendships. With this powerful combination of tools developed by science and then enhanced by nurturing the soul of each patient, a life is renewed.”


You often do drugs

An addict spends more time and energy on using drugs. This is a common sign of drug addiction. If you regularly use a drug when you go to bed or even when you just woke up, reach for support. Losing control over your drug use will cause major problems.

It’s hurting you

Using drugs can cause depression or rapid mood swings. If the thought of running out of drugs terrify you, you have a problem that requires treatment from rehab facilities. There’s nothing shameful once you start to take positive action.

Your drug use got you into legal trouble

Have you ever stolen a couple of things just to get drugs? Drugs are costly, so many addicts sacrifice a lot to make sure their supply is secure. Stealing to support your drug use is a serious problem. The first step on the road to recovery is knowing that you have a problem.

Everyone worries about what will happen in the future, as change is never easy. But if your drug addiction is starting to ruin your life, it’s time to explore your treatment choices and seek the services of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Decorations and Pastries for Your Wedding: Why they Matter

Decorations and Pastries for Your Wedding: Why they Matter

Weddings are supposed to be special. A great amount of planning has to go into it, regardless of whether it’s a big celebration or intimate gathering. Weddings should always have good food, flowing drinks, and lovely decorations. The memories created will last a lifetime if you plan things right with the help of directories like My Wedding Concierge and everything goes off without a hitch.

Wedding cake

The Cake Matters

Choosing a wedding cake in Brisbane or Sydney or Melbourne should depend on the couple’s likes, the budget, and, of course, the theme of the celebration. Look around for ideas before deciding on the theme of the celebration. Look up magazines, bakers’ displays, and family traditions for ideas to give the baker.

Tiered varieties with marzipan are considered traditional types, while cup types are more modern and popular today. The frosting for this can be fruits, initials, or symbols. A tower of cups in different flavours is also a great option, which can be decorated with fondants and preferred icing styles.

The French traditional types are another option. These are called croquembouche and consist of a tall cone of profiteroles with a gushing cascade of candied almonds, toffees, chocolates or ribbons. Adding fresh fruits and berries ensures that it doubles up as a dessert, too. Visit the caterers or bakers and check out their portfolios before sharing your preferences.

Don’t Forget the Decorations

A marriage is never complete without appropriate wedding flowers. Brisbane has many florists that carry a wide variety for the bride to choose from. If she feels, she can even import more exotic varieties. The arrangements and decorations should reflect her personality and tastes. A good florist will give all the advice needed for lending both a splash of colour and ornamentation to the celebrations. With the florist’s vision and experience, good positioning of the arrangements and use of inexpensive foliage will create the ambience of the bride’s choice.

Pay attention to the budget, the colour and the fragrance preferred. Start with the bridal bouquet and ensure that it is well coordinated with your gown. Then decide on the bridesmaids’, the groom and the groomsmen’s floral decorations. You can also have corsages for the older relatives like the grandmothers, bride and groom’s mothers, and other important guests.

Children’s Furniture: Finding the Perfect Bed for Your Little Ones

Children’s Furniture: Finding the Perfect Bed for Your Little Ones

Shopping for children’s furniture can be quite a daunting job. Thankfully, adding a personal touch to a bed choice to suit a child’s tastes and needs isn’t very complicated. Decide on your budget before starting to shop around, as children tend to outgrow their furniture fast.

Safety First

Many children like their rooms to be decorated in a theme – cars, princesses, camouflage – the list is endless. It’s fun to decorate a room in a particular colour, and buying quality bed linens is a good way to start accessorising. After all, the bed is the biggest piece in the room. Before purchasing any children’s beds, check out a model in a showroom and see if it’s stable. Depending on the age of the child, make sure that the railings are high enough and stable so the child doesn’t fall off.

Child's bedroom

Multipurpose Items

Many furniture stores have websites to make it easy for busy parents to shop. The size of the child’s room will play a role in what to buy. Keep in mind that many of the beds available today come equipped with bookshelves and even desks attached. These beds make it easy for parents to organise and set up their child’s room. Twin and bunk beds are a great choice if children share a room.

Most parents choose bunk beds for their children as they’re great space savers. They’re available in a range of woods and finishes, too. With built-in storage, children’s beds are available at a bargain. In case of an older child, choose one that offers storage like bookshelves on the headboard and drawers at the bottom to store linens and other items. Beds with headboards can be pushed up against a wall, so there’s room for a desk and chair and other knick knacks.

Fun Shopping Experience

Furniture or home stores offer a great selection of children’s bed. Take your child along, so they can pick their favourite bedding based on themes. Children like being included in the decorating process. Themed beds and bedding help to bring a sense of excitement to a child’s room and make them happy. It also encourages them to sleep on their own beds. Parents should choose furniture pieces that can be used for at least 5 or 6 years without the child outgrowing it.

Portable Air Conditioners: A Wise Investment for Every Home

Portable Air Conditioners: A Wise Investment for Every Home

Summer is the perfect season to spruce up your old AC. A good alternative is to invest in portable air conditioning unit. This type allows you to move the unit in any room you want cooled in your house. Apart from being portable, these air conditioners offer other benefits to their owners, especially in terms of maintenance. Action Heating and Air Conditioning, a leading provider of quality HVAC services in Mobile, Alabama, offers a quick look at all the advantages of owning a portable AC.

Portability and convenience

The most obvious advantage of having a portable AC is that it can be moved around the house easily. Such air conditioning systems come with built-in casters which makes the task possible. In addition, these units are lightweight and easy to handle. When you have a portable AC at home, you can invest in just one unit. With window ACs, you need to have them installed in every room.

Portable Air conditioner

Photo by MND24 via License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Lower costs

In terms of the costs, portable ACs are better as they’re more affordable than window air conditioners. Moreover, with portable ACs, you need not spend on installation. All you need to do is to look for an exit for the exhaust hose.

Greater energy efficiency

As portable ACs are smaller in size, they consume less power. Also, with these, you have the facility to focus the cooling on specific areas in the room, allowing you to use the units more efficiently.

Additional benefits

Portable ACs offer other important benefits, including the following:

  • They dehumidify the air, reducing the chances of allergic reactions due to mold growth and dust mites.
  • They’re easier to store as compared to window ACs.
  • They can be easily setup in apartments where windows ACs aren’t allowed.
  • Some units also come with heating facilities which make the portable ACs usable throughout the year.

While they’re still not as developed as window ACs, portable air conditioners can be highly effective by maximizing their placement in the room. With all these benefits, you’re sure to enjoy staying at home despite the humid weather.

Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring: Hardwood is the Better Choice!

Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring: Hardwood is the Better Choice!

Wooden flooring is popular among modern homebuyers. This doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, wood is timeless. About Floors ‘n More, one of the best flooring centers in Northern Florida, says wood flooring lends a warm feel under the foot and gives the entire house a natural appearance.

There are different kinds of wooden flooring you can choose, the most common ones being hardwood and laminate flooring. While older homes normally come with the former, the contemporary ones, for the sake of lowering prices, are fitted with the latter. But, budget permitting, it would be better for you to choose hardwood flooring instead.

Here are the three major reasons you should choose a hardwood floor over a laminate one:

Hardwood flooring closeup texture

Great visual appeal and value

Laminate flooring is made by pressing wood at high temperatures. Over this, an image or photograph of a hardwood is fixed, forming the laminate. On the other hand, hardwood floors are made from harvested trees. Simply put, the latter is the real deal. They look as natural as natural can be. They add great value to your home, especially if you’re considering to resell it.


Even in terms of how long the flooring lasts, homes with hardwood flooring outdo their laminate counterparts. How these floorings are sourced affects their durability. In addition, you can re-sand and refinish a hardwood floor to change its look after some time. So, if you take good care of the floor, you can make it last for several years.


Where flooring is concerned, you expect it to last long, even if it needs some repairs. The problem with laminate flooring is that it doesn’t take to repairing easily. In comparison, a hardwood floor that’s susceptible to scratching can be quickly sanded to eliminate the marks. Imperfections that develop over time can also be perfectly camouflaged in this type.

Hardwood flooring may be costlier. In fact, this is the reason budget buyers go for laminate floors in their homes. But the durability and functionality hardwood floors offer make them a worthy investment.