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Child Safety: Making Playground Equipment Safe

childrens playground parkKids and playtime are inseparable. But this is also a time when your children put themselves at risk of getting hurt, from minor scratches and bruising to something more serious. If you take care to make the playground equipment safe, however, to a great extent, you can prevent mishaps from occurring.
Here are a few tips from moduplay.com.au for making the playground equipment safer for children to use.

Sturdy, shock-absorbent surface

Ensure that the playground equipment is made of sturdy material that can withstand the rough wear and tear when kids play on it. Ideally, it should contain a shock absorbent material underneath the surface which will help it withstand all that strain. Also, ensure that various parts of the play equipment are attached correctly, so that the whole thing does not give way all of a sudden.

Keep the equipment separate per age

In addition, be careful to categorise the equipment per age group. Do not allow younger children to play on the equipment of older ones and vice versa.

Install protective barriers

Make sure a protective barrier is installed wherever there is an elevated space or a ramp, so that kids do not accidentally slip and fall.

A few more tips

  • Place the play equipment on an even surface.
  • Check the attachments periodically for loose nuts and screws.
  • Check for hot metal surfaces such as those on slides.
  • Avoid ropes and jump ropes in the play area as these might lead to strangling accidents.
  • Do not allow children to twist swings.
  • Ensure that the seats of play equipment are made of a soft material instead of metal or wood.
  • Leave enough space between play things such as between swings.
  • Do not have nets with large holes that can get your child’s head or foot stuck.

Follow these simple tips and rest assured that your child will have a fun play time with as little risk of an injury as possible.

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What to Bring on Your First Camping Trip

campingSo you are going on your first camping trip as an adult, and you’re right – this will be different than summer camp from when you were a kid. Yes, you should leave nothing but footprints, but what else should you bring besides yourself?

Here is a quick guide on what you need to bring:

First Aid Kit

As in most outdoor settings, it is always best to carry a first aid kit when going camping. Pack personal medications, cotton swabs, adhesive tape, Band-Aids, and scissors. You may want to bring bug and mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and burn ointment in case of emergency. A thermometer, nail clippers, or even road flares may also come in handy.


Most people go to campsites, but more experienced campers prefer exploring new sites on their own. In any case, you will need a tent. You can ask a companion to help you put up the tent, or you can save each other the time and just share one. A sleeping bag will keep you cosy and warm and help regulate your body temperature. Make sure to bring rechargeable or battery-operated torches, too, unless you want to stumble on a tree root when you pee.

Cooking Tools and Supplies

Food is perhaps one of the most exciting things about camping. You can bring a skillet and cook the best campfire bacon, and bring marshmallows and biscuits for some great snacks. GMR.com.au recommends bringing a quality aqua cooler for cold drinks, too. A cold beer will be the perfect nightcap.

Other Equipment

You probably have a smartphone with apps for a map, radio, and compass. You will also need a power bank for that. Why not go old-fashioned and bring those tools individually? Borrow your dad’s fishing gear, too, and grill fish for dinner. A pocket knife, ropes, and work gloves can be lifesavers as well.

It is best to research on these essentials before embarking on your adventure. Remember to have fun, respect the environment, and indulge in the sheer beauty of nature.

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Home Styles That Make Great Homes For Single Men And Women

home designBig houses do not really suit the kind of life, nor the personal tastes, of single men or women. Unless you are a garden aficionado, chances are you will not have much use for a big backyard either. Big houses are for big families. Single men and women should look instead for bachelor or bachelorette pads.

For the single young professionals out there, here is a list of homes that would make perfect pads:

Granny flats – Do not let the name fool you. Just because there is the word granny does not necessarily mean it is for old people. Many singles around Perth choose granny flats as their living quarters. You will have just a big enough space that is easy to maintain and can give you all your living necessities at the same time.

Studio Apartments – What better way to let your creative juices flow than with a blank canvass to work with? That is precisely what studio apartments afford you. These are perfect for the single lifestyle, as a few simple rearrangement of furniture and appliances can transform it to the exact pad you want.

Condos – There are few home styles that epitomise the single lifestyle more than condo living. You have got a great pad with all the luxuries and conveniences of modern living. What else could a single young professional ask for?

Dual Flats – For the less solitary, dual apartments can be great living accommodations. There, you can have your own room for solitary moments whilst you can have a common living room to socialise with your flatmates.

The single lifestyle is a transitional phase from life with your parents to the time when you will have a family of your own. You do not need to have a grand house; a simple pad with all the conveniences of single living will serve you just fine.

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Important Steps that Establish the Value of your Business

establishing businessBusiness valuation refers to the process of determining the economic value of a company or business. This is usually for a number of reasons, including the potential sale value of the enterprise, for the establishment of a partnership, and even in divorce proceedings for asset distribution. Usually, business owners will get valuation services for an objective estimate of the value of the business.

The same concept, says Pickles Auctions, applies to automobile valuation as well. In this case, valuation agents will determine the value of the car. This value would become the basis of the price of the car when sold in the market. Often, the process is similar, only differing in scale.

1. The Initial Conversation

Once you consult a valuation provider, you receive a confidential, no-obligation seminar to understand the specifics of your business situation, including the services you need and how the provider can assist you.

At this point they will discuss the nature of the business with you, including the percentage and the type of interest that needs evaluation. This may also include the reasons for the valuation such as litigation, taxation and regulatory compliance purposes.

2. Engagement Phase

After the assessment, the client will receive an engagement agreement that outlines the tasks. This contains items such as the date of the opinion of value, the nature of the item to value, the time required to finish the valuation, and the corresponding fees.

3. Valuation Phase

The business valuation provider will then gather all the resources to finish the assignment, from such data as the information provided by the client, important economic figures, and information on the financial markets that relates to the business.

The provider then chooses the appropriate valuation method corresponding to your requirements. They will usually schedule an on-site company visit in this phase, where they would tour the facilities, and meet with management. They will look at the state of operations, and provide answers to remaining questions you may throw regarding the process.

4. Report Phase

Once the valuation process is complete, they will give you a written report that explains the appraisal process. This report outlines the research performed, the methods used and the conclusions made.

Valuation is a useful tool to review how much your company is worth, and in cars, how much you can sell the car. In either case, the steps are identical, only that a business valuation has more at stake.

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Beyond Green: Great Ideas For a Great Garden Design

green gardenA good design forms the basis of a great-looking garden. Getting the design right is no easy task. It involves considerable creativity, knowledge of which plants will grow well depending on the weather and soil condition, and the application of the right fertilisers and pesticides to help plants grow properly.

If you wish to landscape your garden, it is always better to call a professional garden designer to help you. OakleighManor.com offers some great garden designing ideas that you can suggest to the designer.

Flower Garden

Instead of just having an abundance of greenery, think about introducing multi-coloured flowerbeds in your garden. They look very contemporary and pleasing to the eye. In addition, make the flowerbed layered, so you have greater scope and space to add to the colours. Some interesting options you have to create a lovely flowerbed are the following:

  • Using out-of-the-box containers to grow flowers
  • Creating a low level patchy flower garden
  • Creating a flowerbed using logs as borders around trees

Greenery in the Garden

A verdant garden can be the place in your home where you can relax the most. So, here are some tips to create one:

  • Introduce plenty of green hedges along the borders and right in the centre of a flowerbed
  • Incorporate topiary ideas in the hedges to give them a modern charm
  • Mix the greenery with red coloured plants to add a pop of colour here and there
  • Choose to have green trellises trailing along the walls and the grass

The Garden Pathways

No garden design is complete without a proper pathway. Instead of making the pathway similar to a road, think of ideas that can make them as interesting as the garden. Here are some examples:

  • Use concrete stiles
  • Create stone pathways
  • Incorporate plant pathways
  • Add some rocks to the mix of plant and stone pathways
  • Make flowerbeds the borders of the pathways

Use these simple but wonderful ideas in your garden and inspire your neighbours to work on their garden, too.

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Body Detox: How to Jump Start Your Juice Cleanse Today

juice cleanseWhether you’re a recent convert to the detox cult or just an avid fan of fruit smoothies, you will find that there is more to juice cleansing than a diet fad (and it’s not even close to that). This article will give you the gist of juice detox, as well as some tips on the fruits you can start with.

The Juicy Details

Advocates of fruit detox promote fasting and exclusive intake of fresh fruit juice. As a start, some people plan their routine for three days. Some may jump to full blown 2 weeks, after which they go back to their natural meal consumption and resume for another period. Of course, any long term fasting should be approved by doctors, as the body naturally weakens as it adapts to the routine. But done in all regulations, the results will just make you a fanatic.

The Lowdown on Juicing and Cleanses

First of all, what can you get out of juice detox? Fasting resets your body rhythm, especially those that have something to do with digestive and excretory functions. It gives your body a break from having to always process solid food.

A Sweet Mix

There are many recipes out there to start with the juice detox. Below are some of the fruits to consider in making your initial fruit juices. Most of them might not always be in season, but you can find some fruit and vegetable wholesalers that have these all year round.

  • Passion fruits make the best tasting smoothies, especially if mixed with tropical fruits and berries in general.
  • Lime is the go-to fruit for those who love it sour and refreshing. Most fruit recipes using lemon use lime as a substitute. Their only difference is that lemon grows sweeter over time while lime retains its acidity.
  • Watermelon is a tropical fruit everyone must have in the initial stage of juice cleansing. It is packed with nutritional benefits that will give any starters the right boost.
  • Kiwifruit is another exotic tropical fruit that gives any juice a burst of summer. It is high in vitamin C, copper and iron that keep the body functioning well in the whole duration of the detox.

Find your own blends and make juice detox your New Year’s resolution.

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The Calm Against a Storm: Storm Door Benefits

storm doorStorm doors are additional doors installed over exterior doors in houses or apartment buildings. They open and shut like normal doors, but are usually lightweight and sturdier than most entry doors because of their function – as additional protection. A properly installed storm door prevents rain, snow and ice from entering the building and its doorway.

Storm doors have glass panels for extra visibility, and consist of various materials depending on the owner’s preference.

SOLAR Window & Door, Inc. laid down the following information about storm doors.

Insulated Airlock

Storm doors also provide for extra insulation inside the building by creating a kind of an airlock in the space between the main door and the storm door. Tightly shut storm doors form a “seal” or air space adding to the house’s insulation.

Similarly, during hot summers, the storm door’s glass panels are interchangeable, allowing owners to replace them with screens to cool the interiors. In other words, storm doors allow the main door to stay open to provide airflow, while still having security against intruders, insects, and debris.

Security From Man and Nature

Storm doors protect the main door from the elements by effectively becoming a “cover” for the door. This lends a longer lifespan for the access door, potentially leading to less maintenance and repair.

These extra doors also provide extra security to the building. For example, owners commonly install a lock on the storm door and main door, thus doubling their security against vandals and thieves.

Storm Door Manufacturers

A bevy of storm door manufacturers exists in Utah due to the state’s varied weather, especially in Salt Lake City. These cater to the varied needs of users in terms of size, material and design.

Selecting storm doors often just boils down to what looks good, or what complements the building’s decor. Still, it is a good idea to first do a market survey the supplier that can furnish the exact storm door to your specifications. Prices may vary depending on size, quality and material, though storm doors are typically not very expensive.

A storm door will protect the entrance to your house from the vagaries of the weather and secures it if you live in a crime-prone area. The installation of one in your house works to your advantage in the years ahead.

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Walk Away a Champ: 3 Things to Know About Asset Protection Planning

protection assets“If you want to be a winner, you need to walk away from the table a winner.” That’s a famous saying about gambling. A proven method to achieve this result is to take the chips off the table as you win them, so that you’ll only lose a small amount when the odds are not in your favor.

Asset protection is all about taking the chips off the table at the right time, so you can walk away a champ even during the bad times.

Here are some things you need to know when planning for asset protection:

Get the Right Insurance

The first step in any plan is getting the right insurance. For instance, if you are a medical doctor, get malpractice insurance, just in case someone files a suit against you. If you are a financial adviser or a lawyer, consider “errors and omissions” insurance; this will protect you when a client sues you for losses.
The rule of thumb here is to have a special insurance according to your specialization.

It Won’t Work If You Don’t Understand It

You don’t need a plan that’s too complicated you barely understand it. The best asset protection plans are often times the simplest ones.

You simply need to find someone knowledgeable, and someone you trust to help with the planning. There’s a reason so many wealthy and successful people have asset protection attorneys like those at assetprotectionatty.com backing them up.

Start Planning Before Someone Sues You

You need to start planning if you want the plan to be effective.

If you only do the steps when someone comes after your assets, it will appear as if you are only making the moves in response to the claim. It looks like you are attempting to hide your assets, so others wouldn’t reach them. That’s illegal, and can be undone by “fraudulent transfer” law.

Think a few steps ahead, because asset protection is not all about reacting. It’s about thinking ahead to make sure you take off the chips at the right time, and walk away a champ.

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Raising the Roof: Adding Another Story to Your House

roofThe sluggish performance of the real estate market in Perth has homeowners asking questions about their properties. While moving out is an option for some, there are many who prefer to keep their houses and make home improvements until the market gets better. A popular home extension project is building an additional story. If you are planning to add another story to your house, here are some things you need to consider.

Conversion or Addition?

There is actually plenty of space just hovering above your head. If you want to add space without making any huge changes to the existing structure, an attic conversion is the best option. Attic conversions are inconspicuous, so, if you want others to know you have made renovations, you will need to overhaul your roof. Roof restorations are easily done in Perth so this should not be a problem withyour project.


Consider the current design of your house and how the new story will fit with the overall design. The design of the second-story addition will have a resonating effect on the rest of your house. Good extension design elements respects the appearance and character of the houses in the local area, preserves the quality of the built environment, and does not have an overbearing effect on your neighbours.

Structural Integrity

A second story with rooms will weigh more than your existing roof system. Check how much weight the walls and the foundations will support, and how it will support the additional floor. Also, know if you are living in an area prone to seismic risks. This will help you determine how much wood and steel connections you will need to add to meet building requirements.

Adding a second or third floor to your house allows you to maximise square footage, especially if your house is built on a small lot. There are things you will need to consider before renovating. Whatever your reasons, renovations always pay off when done properly.

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A History of the Fuchsfelge

luxury carCertain luxury cars require wheels that meet their superior standards. The legendary Porsche cars require the Fuchsfelge wheels. These wheels are almost as legendary, and they lend the smooth ride and delight associated with a Porsche.

Fuchsfelgeusa.com outlines the story of a Fuchsfelge wheel below.


They began about fifty years ago as a lightweight wheel forged in a series production. Fuchsfelge came into being when regular cast wheels could not meet the standards of the then Porsche 911, and a new solution to keep up with the high-performing Porsche cars became a necessity.

Today, this is one of the most famous brands of wheels in the world, serving not just Porsches, but other luxury car brands like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini.

Specifications That Forged the Alliance

When this car company developed the new 911 brand of cars, there was a need for a special kind of wheel to suit its operations. Fuchsfelge developed an alloy wheel with exceptional qualities and new dimensions.

This wheel company rose to the challenge and produced the first ever forged aluminum wheel called the windmill series. The manufacturers met all expectations of Porsche, and gave them much more decreased weight and enhanced ride quality.

A Long Association

The association of these two legendary manufacturers has grown stronger since they first started work on a Fuchsfelge wheel. Since the 1960s, various models of Porsche have had the same wheels, and even today, the classic versions of this brand have the same wheels.

Some models require wheels of different sizes, so wheel manufacturers have come up with dies for 17, 18 and 19-inch wheels in different styles. Some of the wheels have polished rim spider on the front and black in the background, while some of the wheels are totally black.

Fuchsfelge wheels are distinctive, and a car usually completes its get-up with a Fuchsfelge rim that speaks of its luxurious quality and uncompromising attitude towards quality, no matter the cost.