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Top 3 Things the Best Nurses Think But Never Say

Top 3 Things the Best Nurses Think But Never Say

nurseWhat makes a good nurse? Is it the certification, the dermal fillers training, or the recent conference on medical care they’ve attended? If you’re a nurse, you know very theyll that you are required to be quick, semi-psychic and always on point if you want to even be called competent. But, being a competent nurse is totally different from being a good one.

While nurses can’t always be happy, supportive or nurturing all the time, there are some things that they wish their patients would always know. A big problem is that they can’t say these things because they want to appear professional even if their job involves very personal efforts. So, if you’re a nurse or someone who knows one, here are the unspoken things deep in their hearts:

“We want to get the IV right on the first try more than you.”

Sometimes, it’s not easy to see at what hour you’re getting them. They could be fresh off the nurse’s rest day or they could be at their second double shift. They always want to get the IV right the first try and leave you to rest.

“You can cry on us, but please don’t take it out on us.”

They aren’t solely responsible for your health care and you aren’t the only patient they have. They are willing to listen and offer support during your lowest times in the hospital but please
don’t hurt them.

“They usually cry for you where no one can see.”

Most of the time, this happens at home. No matter what certificates and learning they receive from dermal fillers training to surgery, they cannot help but feel for you. So, even if they look like they’ve been inured to death and suffering, they just choose the place and time to deal with it — preferably where it doesn’t interfere with their jobs.

So, before you make any assumptions about nurses and what they’re thinking or feeling, think twice.

They have more empathy and love for you than you think.

Sea Containers for Self Storage: Ask Yourself These Questions First Before Hiring

Sea Containers for Self Storage: Ask Yourself These Questions First Before Hiring

Newly painted storageSelf storage is already embedded into the Australian culture. Everybody, from homeowners to businesses, need some extra space to keep excess items over a certain period.

But most people, however, only care about getting rid of their possessions ASAP, failing to perform their due diligence enough. If you take this route, you might be giving yourself headaches in the future instead of enjoying peace of mind.

To know precisely whether or not to entrust the facility of your belongings—without learning your lesson the hard way—these questions will help you make the right decision:

Are the Units Newly Painted?

It does sounds silly to bother yourself with the paint of the shipping container, at face value, but such detail is more essential than trivial. Colour aside, paint is the ultimate protection of steel against corrosion. No matter stable the metallic state of the container’s material, it’s bound to get rusty over time—which renders its structural integrity. Worse, the air salt in coastal areas speeds up this natural process.

The container’s likeliness to accumulate rust spells its ability to keep your belongings. Cracks on the unit would let the moisture in and wet its supposedly dry interior. In addition, any size of holes could open the door for vermin to set up a camp in your valuables.

How Advanced Is the Facility’s Security?

Without adequate security, hiring a metal container to keep your items safe at all costs is just an illusion. Regardless of how robust unit is, even an inexperienced burglar could steal your belongings unnoticed with no eye in the sky watching close. Make it a point to find out all the things the company does to keep your items out of harm’s way.

Do I Have 24-Hour Access?

ICL.net.au says not all companies that provide sea container hire allow you to get into your items anytime you please. While it’s unlikely you’d put emergency items in self storage, you’d hate it if you need to get a particular possession now and still have to wait until morning.

What you need to ask is never limited to just these three. Analyse your situation and probe about everything you wish to know before signing on the dotted line.

Suite Summer: Staying In to Get Away

Suite Summer: Staying In to Get Away

summer vacationSummer is just around the corner, and there are countless ways to celebrate the sun soaked season. Common ones include going out of town or going to the nearest beach. While these are both great ideas, they entail a lot of planning that most people don’t really want to do. This ultimately defeats the purpose of your getaway.

How exactly do you get rid of the fuss of planning the summer vacation?

Sure, staying in doesn’t sound as exciting as a long drive, but here’s why you should think about staying in a suite for a sweet summer experience.


You have been waiting to get a feel of the water all over your body and you can get that when you check-in with award winning hotels, suggests StGeorgeClarionSuites.com. Enjoy a range of wellness facilities that you can benefit from—more than just a swimming pool.

Enjoy hot tubs, heated pools and workout facilities to meet your leisure and fitness needs.


The top requirement for a vacation is its stress-free factor. Staying in lets you enjoy the comfort of being at home and the excitement of being somewhere completely new. Do away with the possibility of walking away from your vacation with more bad than good and enjoy. An undeniable way to plan your trip is with comfort in mind.


As much as you want it to be, your home will never be a hotel. Yes, it’s comfortable and homey, but it’s never going to be enough to give you that much awaited R&R.

A suite, as the name suggests, makes for a sweet deal and experience altogether. Think beds equipped with sheets that have a generous number of thread count, pillows filled with quality feathers to the brim, non-stop air conditioning and free breakfasts.

Now, tell me you don’t want any of those.

You need not travel far to get that ideal summer treat you’ve been daydreaming all year round with a suite summer.

A Guide for Home Hunters: What to Look For in a Rental Home in San Diego

A Guide for Home Hunters: What to Look For in a Rental Home in San Diego

Home HuntersThere are many properties to choose from in San Diego, which makes it difficult to narrow down your choices. But, as long as you know your priorities, the task will be a lot less challenging. Here are three tips to help you narrow down your options.

Check out the prime locations

There are many houses for sale as well as unoccupied houses that aren’t in any sale listing. This is your cue that these properties are held by owners who are looking into renting it out. Many of San Diego home rentals are not in the listings. These are high quality houses that are yet to be occupied and you can be sure that these are not worn out. You will also have the liberty of maximizing the space since most of these houses are unfurnished.

Spend time in the neighborhood

What is the neighborhood like? It is very important to spend some time around the neighborhood to see if it is a suitable place to live in. RentHomes.com says many San Diego home rentals are in prime locations and suburban areas that are suitable for families. There are also high rise units in the area to check out if you are planning on solo living. The key is to check the amenities and the security of the area. Visit the place at different times of the day to see if anything changes in the scene at different times.

Compare and contrast the rates

Finally, always remember that good research can always save you. Make sure that you skim through listings in order to find a property that can offer you good value for the budget you have.

Make sure to list down your options and think about it carefully. You will surely find a good home for rent in no time.

Fencing Types that will Keep your Livestock Safe

Fencing Types that will Keep your Livestock Safe

chain meshThe threat of predators, spread of disease, and the elements affect your livestock production. To limit these problems, there are different kinds of fences that you may consider. Fences make sure that your cattle, cows, or other livestock remain safe within your farm. Dtswa.com.au shares the fence types to use.

Chain Mesh

Chain link fencing is an ideal fence for farmers who want a versatile barrier protecting their livestock. Other than serving as a barrier for your animals, this type of fence also protects your commercial property from burglars or intruders. The wire mesh makes sure that the barricade is resistant to inclement weather and corrosion.

This kind of fencing material is easy to install as you only have to set the posts and attach the fence to them. Chain mesh fences are low maintenance; you only need to wash the wires with soap and water to get rid of debris and dirt.

Aluminium Fencing

The adaptability of this kind of fence makes it an affordable option for farmers. The posts for aluminium fences are easy and fast to install even on sloping land, enabling you to fully utilise boundaries. Whether you want to improve the safety and security of your livestock or keeping thieves out, an aluminium fence is an alternative to look into. There are tax benefits for farmers who build fences, take advantage of this by choosing the appropriate barrier for your farm.

Ring Lock Barriers

The high-tensile materials used for ring lock fencing ensures that your livestock and property are safe and secure. This barrier is durable and can withstand bad weather. If you want to save money, the rink lock fence is an ideal choice as it requires minimal maintenance. You do not have to spend frequently to replace fencing that breaks easily because of strong winds and storms or if a cattle hits it.

The chain mesh, aluminium, and ring lock fencing are just a handful of fences to choose from. Get a barrier that meets your needs and is within your budget to improve farm safety.

How Online Marketing Increases Store Foot Traffic

How Online Marketing Increases Store Foot Traffic

online marketingOnline marketing benefits your business in terms of brand awareness, sales, and service personalization. It also helps you target potential customers and engage with consumers to improve products and services. Establishing a solid web presence can also go long way in driving offline success and store foot traffic.

SEO service providers agree that there is a direct link between online marketing and offline success. Internet marketing tools and web-based applications have made it possible for businesses to promote their company and drive in-store traffic.

Geo-Targeting for Business

Geographical targeting allows your business bring more customers to your store. Applications like Google Map provide users location information, with features that allow them to see 360° panoramic view of the business’s interiors. Photos on Maps also give customers the comfort of knowing what to expect in your store when they arrive.

Group Buying Sites

Daily deal sites give you the opportunity to offer discounts for products and services and boost offline sales. These sites offer widespread exposure, which will help expand customer base. As they use the power of collective buying, they also generate traffic and increase purchases on your site and store.

Local Business Tools

Sites like Yelp and Foursquare showcase your company and connect it to a much wider community. They are a go-to source for millions of visitors looking for information and reviews about local businesses. In fact, many restaurateurs know the value of increasing their stars on Yelp and generating good reviews, as this can improve sales and foot traffic.

Traditional Online Advertising

Traditional means of advertising like banner ads are beneficial for building brand recognition. Your business can use this to raise public awareness of product and service, along with your bottom line. It is best to run banner campaigns that are highly targeted and cost-effective. Real time bidding (RTB) offers efficiency, as it provides dynamic optimization and real-time analytics.

Online marketing makes it possible for your store to expand customer base and increase sales. Web-based tools, along with social media adoption, are the key when using the Internet to drive success to your store.

Keeping Large Truck Operations Smooth and Thrifty

Keeping Large Truck Operations Smooth and Thrifty

large truckTruck operations can expand significantly in just a short amount of time. While this may be a good thing, does also mean that you need to add to your overhead. Apart from new tractor and engine purchases, other small things can add up and cost more if you are a trucking company owner.

Keep your fleet running without denting your finances with these easy but often overlooked tips:

Avoid Overweight Fines

Overweight fines can get exorbitant or can cause more trouble if the truck has to go back and take some of the load off. It ruins schedules and disappoints clients. Trucking companies like West Coast Carriers understand that customers drive business. Their satisfaction is central to this industry.

Avoid this by calculating the weight of the load as well as the tank of fuel in the truck. You may be carrying 50,000 pounds of cotton load but your tank might be triple that weight. Double check the weight of your fuel and estimate how much diesel you’re likely to burn off until the weigh station.

Improve Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is a foremost concern is key to making sure costs are at a minimum. The most important thing to remember here is to be fuel conscious. Monitoring your usage is a good first step. Some driving styles are more fuel-efficient than others are. Find which works best for you and keep at it.

Keeping a specific fuel goal can also keep your drivers mindful of their consumption. To further stress the point, setting up small rewards for those who reach their fuel goals can help them stick to the truck’s fuel consumption. Not only does it help you save, you also keep the drivers motivated and happy.

Semi-Truck Repairs

Preventive maintenance of big trucks can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. Save yourself the trouble by spacing out small semi-truck repairs throughout the year. You can do it yourself, but it might be a better idea to get someone else to get the job done for you.

The key here is to make sure each small glitch in the truck’s run or engine is tended immediately before it even blows up to a major repair. Truck companies can cost a lot if you are not mindful of your finances. These may seem like little things, but when they add up, you will realize you’ve saved quite a lot.

The American Retiree Dream: Life After Work

The American Retiree Dream: Life After Work

RetirementNobody wants to work all their lives, so at some point in your life you will retire. You’ve probably imagined your life after work and think it’s either paradise or boredom.

Americans, however, are known for going for the ‘paradise’ side of the retirement life. The American retiree dream has most people believing that it’s already dead. We all know, though, that this isn’t really true.

It’s very much alive, but with much different standards now. The 21st century ushered in a high bar for living conditions for everybody—retiree or not. Here are some of the expectations set for the top two options for retirees and their life after work.

Retirement Community

Gone are the days where communities like these are just for lodging and not really a lifestyle. More retirees are looking for a facility that can cater to and offer the lifestyle they choose to live by. Now, seniors are looking for a community that can offer a balance between health and recreation.

A scenic view, preferably near the beach or the mountains with a variety of activities available given the establishment’s amenities are some of the offerings most would look for—and will find in only a handful of institutions, like Twin Lakes Community in North Carolina.

Move Overseas

It’s no surprise that the number of American expats are still on the rise, most of which are retirees. Not only does the low-cost living entice more to move overseas, but so does the new environment and lifestyle choices.

Like the aforementioned, a different country provides all the adventure, pleasure, and excitement your life may be lacking, now that you’re not working anymore. Life-changing decisions come with drastic lifestyle changes and a big move overseas is the perfect change most US retirees consider as one way to achieve the American retiree dream.

Look forward to life after work knowing you have your dream to fulfill in so many ways. If you choose to stay with a trusted community or move overseas and live an exciting new life where no one knows your name, then it’s totally up to you.

You make your own dream happen.

Do You Drink then Drive? Penalties for DUI Offenders in Illinois

Do You Drink then Drive? Penalties for DUI Offenders in Illinois

Drunk DrivingIllinois is one of the many states that have strict laws when it comes to DUI. In 2009, lawmakers imposed heavier penalties on suspected drivers  especially those who have a record on drunk driving. The state also has zero tolerance law for underage drivers.

Authorities may enforce the following penalties for those caught driving under the influence of alcohol:

1. Incarceration in Jail

This a shorter-term incarceration imposed upon first-time offenders. In Illinois, maximum incarceration for first-time offenders may last for 6 months.

2. Incarceration in Prison

This is a longer-term incarceration imposed upon repeat offenders, including those convicted of aggravated DUI and related accidents causing injury or death.

3. Suspension or Revocation of Driver’s License

In Illinois, suspension of offenders’ licenses is automatic if an officer determines their BAC is 0.08% or more, or if the offenders refused to undergo BAC testing. As the Springfield DUI lawyer of Noll-Law.com explains, “The mere refusal to submit to the test is enough to render you guilty.”

The offenders can also submit a petition to rescind the summary suspension hearing, along with their local DUI lawyers. Otherwise, the suspension may remain until a judge decides on the appropriate charge.

DUI offenders need to fulfill the criteria of the court and the Secretary of State for restoring revoked licenses. Revocation period varies on the offender’s age. Those who are 21 years old and over may have their licenses revoked for 1 year; minor offenders may have their licenses revoked for 2 years.

4. Use of Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices (BAIIDs)

The state requires first-time offenders to install BAIIDs inside their vehicles during their license suspension. BAIIDs lock car ignitions until the drivers provide a sober breath sample. These devices also alert the office of the Secretary of State if the offenders tampered with the BAIID or attempted other DUI incidents during the suspension period.

Illinois continues to maintain safe roadways thanks to its tough laws and restrictions on drunk and distracted driving. These penalties are enough to convince anyone to take extra caution when on the road  or avoid driving at all if they had a drink or two.

Things to Remember When It’s Time to Sell Your Business

Things to Remember When It’s Time to Sell Your Business

Selling Your Small BusinessEstimating the value of your business on your own will likely lead to two contrasting, but equally detrimental, results. You might give it an unrealistically high price that turns off potential buyers or you might price it too low and not maximise its full value. To sell the business at a good price, remember these things:

  • Assemble a team

Because selling the business is a tricky process, gather people to look after your interests. The team should include your attorney, your accountant and your banker. You should also get a business valuation service provider.

  • Price your business right

After receiving the valuation approximate of your business, you have the option to set a higher selling price. This gives you some room to negotiate and take full advantage of the value of the business. Note that a very high price may lessen the number of people interested in your business, though.

Those wanting to sell right away will want to set the price close to the appraised value. You should also take into account your buyer’s expectations.

  • Choose your prospects

Discuss with your team the type of people or companies to target. Give your broker the task of calling possible buyers, if you have any. Checks ads you use to advertise the sale of your business.

You don’t want your business on the market for a long time, so be careful with your advertising. Companies that are still up for sale after six months may give people the wrong idea. Buyers may conclude that something is not right with your business.

  • Manage your prospects’ expectations

Buyers expect that you have accurate and up-to-date financial reports. You will have to show them a detailed analysis of your business, along with your target markets.

Buyers will also expect you to substantiate your price and terms of sale. Make sure they understand the standard investment returns.

Plan your negotiation approach carefully. Keep in mind that the goal is to sell, not to simply outsmart the buyer. Think about the other party as a partner; focus on your mutual interests.

Most importantly, do not delay the closing. Even the most resolute prospective buyers can change their minds in an instant.