3 Worst Home Plumbing Issues

a man who works as a plumber

Did you know that there are about 38,690 Americans currently employed as plumbers, steamfitters, pipefitters, and pipe layers? The thing is that there could be hundreds of plumbers in your city, but not all of them offer 24-hour service to handle the worst home plumbing issues.

Rapidrepairexperts.com reminds to make sure that you have a 24-hour plumber on your speed dial, so you can be prepared for any of these home plumbing issues.

Frozen Pipes

If you forgot to prepare your outdoor pipes for the winter, then you’re in for a costly spring in terms of pipe repairs. Frozen pipes can result in damages to your sinks, crawl spaces, walls, and more. Did you know that every year, millions of pipes not only freeze but also burst across the country? Yikes. It can cost you more because a crack in your pipes, about one-eighth of an inch, can waste about 250 gallons of water. Imagine the horrors in your water bills!

Leaking Pipes

Depending on your water pressure, a leaking pipe can waste about 970 gallons of water in the of 24 hours. That’s too much wastage and too much of an increase in your water bills. Now, if you don’t have the know-how and the tools to do the job, it’s always best to call the professional plumbers before you risk damaging more.

Blocked Sewer

This is probably the worst plumbing problems faced by many households across the U.S. If the blockage includes collapsed lines, it can lead to bigger damages and longer headaches. There are many things that can cause blockages in your sewers, including external digging, roots, and garbage. This is the work of the pros, so don’t attempt to handle this yourself.

If you don’t want to deal with the headaches caused by any of these plumbing incidents, make sure you find a good plumber. Moreover, it’s always best to call the pros instead of tackling these yourself.