4 Cheap Things That Boost Office Productivity

Co-workers talkingAny employer wants a motivated employee, but your people are not robots. At some point, they can get tired. Some can become increasingly dissatisfied they will incur many absences. Either way, you create unproductive employees.

Fortunately, there are some ways to change that, and they don’t have to mean costly programs. You can start with these four ideas:

1. Indoor Plants

It’s time to put your green thumb to work (no pun intended). In a study conducted by various US university researchers on the effect of indoor plants in the workplace, they found out these items can potentially reduce stress and increase productivity by as much as 12 percent.

2. Recognition Lapel Pins

How often do you say thank you to your employees? The answer is regularly. In a Gallup study, praise and recognition can improve not only employee productivity but also engagement among colleagues, loyalty, and safety record. Furthermore, since gratitude makes a happy employee, it can also translate to better customer service and satisfied clients. That can mean more business for you!

There are many ways to say thanks, and one of these is through recognition lapel pins, says Employee Recognition Lapel Pins. They’re cheap, but they have a huge impact since your employee can wear them with pride.

3. Sit/Stand Desks

Constant sitting can potentially lead to poor posture such as slouching, and slouching can result to stress around the shoulders and neck, as well as lower back pain. These issues can make anybody unproductive. If the job requires facing the computer for longer periods, you might as well invest in a sit/stand desk (or standing desk only). It keeps them healthy too since they can burn more calories standing than sitting.

4. Doodads

While you can implement a lean business model, a minimalist office may not be ideal as far as increasing workers’ productivity is concerned. A study by psychologists showed filling the room with indoor plants, as well as other doodads, can increase productivity since they give these employees more reasons to engage with their surroundings.

Do you need to burn money to make your employees happy? These four ways will answer you with a resounding no.