4 Various Options for Pipe Fittings and When to Use Them

bundle of steel pipe fittings

Here is one good reason you should leave plumbing needs to the experts: there are different types of pipe fittings. These accessories are different from the pipes themselves. Moreover, they can have specific configurations and uses.

Companies such as Acu-Tech Piping Systems can customise the piping solutions according to your needs. Usually, though, they work with the following types of fittings:

1. Elbow

Spotting an elbow pipe fitting is easy. It looks like a curved L. Its main purpose is to redirect the flow of a fluid, which can be water or gas, to another direction at 90 degrees. It can be from different materials. These include plastic, copper, steel, lead, and cast iron.

2. Coupling

Also known as a coupler, a coupling is fitting that connects two pipes of the same diameter. You can solder or weld them to pipes to avoid any leaks. Over the years, though, many kinds of couplings became available. Some can already act as a reducer while the others are slip couplers.

They do not come with ridges so one can slip them to the pipes and stop any damage or leaks.

3. Reducer

A reducer is necessary when you want to decrease the diameter of the pipe without making any physical changes. There are two types: concentric and eccentric. When the pipes do not need to be on the same level, you can use the concentric reducer.

This one appears like a cone. You use an eccentric reducer if the flow is more straightforward such as upwards to downwards.

4. Tee

The tee pipe got its name from its shape. It features a short open-ended pipe with a lateral connection in the middle. In other words, it looks like the letter T. It has two main functions. One is to connect two pipes, and the other is to divide the flow.

The choices for fittings can influence many aspects of the pipeline. These include the efficiency, flow, and possible problems that may arise. Use this basic information to understand and work closely with the designer or plumber.