5 Common Dental Emergencies That Need Your Attention

Dental Care Service

Dental problems are often seen as a condition that does not require a visit to the ER. After all, one can still sleep through a toothache with the help of some pain relievers. But, like other parts of the body, there are conditions where dental emergencies will arise and should not be ignored.

Below are some of the most common dental emergencies that would require a quick visit to your emergency dentist in Tauranga.

Chipped tooth

A simple fall on the floor or a ball hitting your face during a game are common culprits for having a chipped tooth. Keep the chipped pieces with you. Have them cleaned and kept in a safe container and visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Knocked out tooth

Knocked out tooth has better chances of being saved if it’s brought to the dentist within an hour after falling off. Keep it in a secure place, possibly a container with milk or one with salt water solution. Do not attempt to put it back into the socket yourself.


Headaches can be caused by different factors. If your headache is persistent and is accompanied by a throbbing toothache, however, chances are it needs the attention of your dentist. All nerves are connected to the brain, so are the ones coming from your teeth.

Jaw pain

Jaw pain can be caused by different factors aside from a problem tooth. A problem with one’s bite, clenching your teeth at night, or even stress and arthritis can cause jaw pain. Consulting your dentist can help you determine the problem and easily find a solution to it.

Metallic taste

A metallic taste is an indicator that your old filling is broken. Getting it fixed immediately can prevent it from becoming bigger and causing more severe problems.

Experiencing any of these symptoms? Do not prolong your dentist appointment any longer. Visit your dentist and relieve yourself from all these symptoms.