Anxiety-free Visit to Your Dentist? Here’s How


DentistGoing through a dental examination can be stressful. There is just something odd about seeing a doctor leaning over you as you sit on the exam table, which makes it feel like a visit is a nightmare coming to life. To help you prepare and overcome this anxiety, here are a few things that you should expect:

The Examination

Routine dental visits will include a thorough examination of your teeth to find out present problems, as well as potential ones that might occur if left untreated. Some of the procedures that your dentist might do is review of your medical history and an examination of the teeth and bone.

There are other practitioners who provide complete oral screening, examination for presence of gum disease, and detailed charting of your mouth and X-ray. Others also buy quality furnishings from premier companies, such as The Brewer Company, LLC, to make you feel like at home.

During these procedures, your dentist will ask you a few questions about your dental health. Some of them may include 1) How often do you brush your teeth? 2) Do you consume a lot of sweets and sugary drinks? 3) Do you experience pain in your mouth when you eat extremely hot or cold food?

Before Your Visit

The night before, get a good night’s sleep to make sure that you will wake up refreshed. Waking up cranky and not feeling rested will only add to the anxiety. Eat a healthy and well-balanced breakfast on the day itself, but avoid caffeinated drinks, like coffee.

Before going to your dentist, it’s important that you list down all medications you take, including supplements. List the dosage for each medication. Note also any allergic reactions you experience in some medications. This information will help your dentist determine what medicines to give you, if necessary, as well as some procedures you might need.

By knowing what to expect and what the things that you need to prepare are, you can have a worry-free visit to the dentist. Don’t be afraid to ask any question you might have and relay your anxieties to your dentist so that he can help you feel more at ease.