Basic Information about Buffer Tanks


A buffer tank is a specially designed storage vessel often used on the cold user side of a typical air-conditioning unit. It’s basically used to store peak loads or in certain situations when a surge in demand goes beyond the capacity of an establishment’s cooling system. That’s why most establishments use¬†chilled water buffer tanks when they have insufficient water volume to help maintain the system’s temperature control. Here are a few uses of buffer tanks that you might want to know.

Maintains the Temperature

Using a buffer tank can help maintain the temperature of the stored water, which helps enable the chiller to work efficiently and provide extra chilled water.

Helps Manage the AC system

A buffer tank is also a great tool for reducing the number of starts that an AC system has to do whenever it’s used. The cooling system raises its energy consumption as soon as it starts up, which causes the cooling compressor to wear out over time. A buffer tank helps reduce the number of times that an AC system has to start, which decreases energy consumption and helps manage the cooling system much effectively.

Provides Chilled Storage during a Power Failure

Keeping the AC system cooled down can be a challenge especially when there’s a power failure or outage. A buffer tank provides chilled water storage for basic data centres during power outages and time delay for the generator as soon as it brings the power back on.

These are just a few of the information that you might want to know about buffer tanks. It’s highly advisable to work with a manufacturer who can provide you with the perfect buffer tank specially designed for your air-conditioning system.