Bed Bug Detection: Look for These Signs

Bed Bug ControlDon’t let the bed bugs bite. Why would you let pesky little bugs nip you while you sleep? You wouldn’t want to wake up with red marks on your body. That can only mean no bathing suit season for you.

Other than ruining your flawless skin, bed bug infestation is a hassle. Fortunately, you can spot these creatures and stop an infestation. Here are common signs indicating you need help to control bed bugs.

You see them almost everywhere.

Bed bugs are flat, oval-shaped bugs. They don’t just occupy your bed. They also crawl all over your curtains, carpet, and in the crevices of your furniture. Once you see them, call a pest control expert.

You'll find blood stains on the sheets.

Look for small pinprick blood stains. This happens when you squish a bed bug while sleeping or lying on your bed.

You get red marks on your body.

Bed bug bites are fairly easy to identify. They’re small, raised welts that are incredibly itchy. They also tend to appear on a single area, or as a string of bites, which show the path of the bed bugs.

But check with your doctor, too. This should eliminate other causes to the red marks on your body.

There are black to brown stains on your bed.

Fecal stains are easier to notice because they’ll appear as tiny grains of black sand on non-absorbent surfaces. They will also appear as black to brown stains on absorbent surfaces. Inspect all the beds in your home, furniture, and other areas.

Bed bugs can take over your home quickly. Females can lay about hundreds of eggs. They can develop in a month, and stay in your home — breeding and multiplying. While these pests don’t transmit diseases to people, an infestation is an inconvenience. Detect their presence. And call for pest control.