Best SEO Features that You Can Use to Boost Your PPC Campaign

SEO features you can use to boost your PPC campaigns

Websites aiming for a high ROI in today’s world cannot ignore search engine optimization. SEO gets you to the top of search engines and ensures that your site is the go-to option for all web users. There have been many SEO tactics since its inception, but technology keeps changing.

The latest tool that you can utilize for SEO is your PPC campaign. In Utah, an expert like SEO Werkz can boost your business’s online presence. Here are some of the most efficient features that you can tap into:

Remarketing Lists

These lists are designed for visitors who visit your page but leave without taking specific actions. A remarketing list helps you follow the client as he or she browses other pages. You can boost a remarketing list by adding niche keywords to identify users who are more likely to use your product and services. By remaining visible to the client, you increase chances of him or her revisiting your ad.

Google Analytics

You can link your PPC ad with a Google Analytics account. The analysis that you generate helps you get which keyword keeps clients on your page and has a high conversion rate. You can then use this keyword for the SEO of your PPC ad and on other online marketing platforms.

Click-to-text Message Extensions

Text messages are currently among the best means of communication, more so among young people. The click-to-text button on a PPC campaign is designed for mobile phone users. This button allows the user to contact your business via text with just two taps, thus making your ad user-friendly.

The given features have now made the SEO of a PPC campaign a walk in the park. However, their efficiency involves more than just adding them to your ad. Get an SEO expert to advise you on the ideal features to use.