Best Types of Boats for Marine Fishing

a marine fishing boat

Marine fishing, also called saltwater fishing, is one of the most popular recreational activities. More than 30 million people worldwide list marine fishing as their preferred hobby. Considering that some of the saltwater game you can catch include bluefish, tuna, and marlin, it’s no wonder so many are like angling in the open water.

Your fishing boat is one of the most significant choices you will make for a rewarding marine fishing experience. Choosing one among the many options available at a Michigan fishing boat shop like D&R Sports Center can be a daunting task. Here is a guide to the best boat types for marine fishing to help you make a good choice.


These are the gold standard of marine fishing for offshore anglers. Convertibles are at least 40’ wide and 30’ long. They are ideal for long runs on open water and have cabins with several staterooms, a galley and a saloon. A majority of convertibles have twin diesel engines, but a few runs on gasoline.


These marine fishing boats vary from 20 to 50+ feet in size. They popular in both offshore and inshore fishing. The design of expresses is also sportier and sleeker compared to convertibles. Expresses, however, have significantly less cabin space compared to convertibles since the mid-section of these boats are designed for the helm-deck.

Center Consoles

A large open deck surrounds the central consoles of these boats making them spacious. There are various sizes of center consoles, and you will find the perfect size to suit your needs. 30-something range center consoles are ideal for offshore fishing while those in the 20-something class are appropriate for inshore fishing and offshore fishing in good weather.

If you live by the seaside, this is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can pick up. The sporting part is there, but it’s also an activity for your friends and families.