Body Detox: How to Jump Start Your Juice Cleanse Today

juice cleanse

juice cleanseWhether you’re a recent convert to the detox cult or just an avid fan of fruit smoothies, you will find that there is more to juice cleansing than a diet fad (and it’s not even close to that). This article will give you the gist of juice detox, as well as some tips on the fruits you can start with.

The Juicy Details

Advocates of fruit detox promote fasting and exclusive intake of fresh fruit juice. As a start, some people plan their routine for three days. Some may jump to full blown 2 weeks, after which they go back to their natural meal consumption and resume for another period. Of course, any long term fasting should be approved by doctors, as the body naturally weakens as it adapts to the routine. But done in all regulations, the results will just make you a fanatic.

The Lowdown on Juicing and Cleanses

First of all, what can you get out of juice detox? Fasting resets your body rhythm, especially those that have something to do with digestive and excretory functions. It gives your body a break from having to always process solid food.

A Sweet Mix

There are many recipes out there to start with the juice detox. Below are some of the fruits to consider in making your initial fruit juices. Most of them might not always be in season, but you can find some fruit and vegetable wholesalers that have these all year round.

  • Passion fruits make the best tasting smoothies, especially if mixed with tropical fruits and berries in general.
  • Lime is the go-to fruit for those who love it sour and refreshing. Most fruit recipes using lemon use lime as a substitute. Their only difference is that lemon grows sweeter over time while lime retains its acidity.
  • Watermelon is a tropical fruit everyone must have in the initial stage of juice cleansing. It is packed with nutritional benefits that will give any starters the right boost.
  • Kiwifruit is another exotic tropical fruit that gives any juice a burst of summer. It is high in vitamin C, copper and iron that keep the body functioning well in the whole duration of the detox.

Find your own blends and make juice detox your New Year’s resolution.