The Calm Against a Storm: Storm Door Benefits

storm doorStorm doors are additional doors installed over exterior doors in houses or apartment buildings. They open and shut like normal doors, but are usually lightweight and sturdier than most entry doors because of their function – as additional protection. A properly installed storm door prevents rain, snow and ice from entering the building and its doorway.

Storm doors have glass panels for extra visibility, and consist of various materials depending on the owner’s preference.

SOLAR Window & Door, Inc. laid down the following information about storm doors.

Insulated Airlock

Storm doors also provide for extra insulation inside the building by creating a kind of an airlock in the space between the main door and the storm door. Tightly shut storm doors form a “seal” or air space adding to the house’s insulation.

Similarly, during hot summers, the storm door’s glass panels are interchangeable, allowing owners to replace them with screens to cool the interiors. In other words, storm doors allow the main door to stay open to provide airflow, while still having security against intruders, insects, and debris.

Security From Man and Nature

Storm doors protect the main door from the elements by effectively becoming a “cover” for the door. This lends a longer lifespan for the access door, potentially leading to less maintenance and repair.

These extra doors also provide extra security to the building. For example, owners commonly install a lock on the storm door and main door, thus doubling their security against vandals and thieves.

Storm Door Manufacturers

A bevy of storm door manufacturers exists in Utah due to the state’s varied weather, especially in Salt Lake City. These cater to the varied needs of users in terms of size, material and design.

Selecting storm doors often just boils down to what looks good, or what complements the building’s decor. Still, it is a good idea to first do a market survey the supplier that can furnish the exact storm door to your specifications. Prices may vary depending on size, quality and material, though storm doors are typically not very expensive.

A storm door will protect the entrance to your house from the vagaries of the weather and secures it if you live in a crime-prone area. The installation of one in your house works to your advantage in the years ahead.

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