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Should You Hire a Misdemeanor Attorney?

March 13, 2017

Utah state law defines a misdemeanor as a crime that is lesser than a felony. But just because it is a lesser charge, it doesn’t mean that you can take a misdemeanor lightly. Depending on […]

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Ways to Handle Estate Planning Well

January 30, 2017

Estate planning is something that families don’t necessarily like to talk about, but sometimes it makes sense to talk about it to be ready for anything that may happen. Life is not definite and it’s […]

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The Lasting Damages of Birth Asphyxia

January 6, 2017

Women are warriors for giving birth – everyone knows the entire process of labor is an arduous feat. What many mothers fear during labor are complications that could affect them or their baby, such as […]

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Weighing the Options: Should I Franchise my Business?

October 13, 2016

Ever thought of franchising your business? The idea is tempting, especially for entrepreneurs who wish to further market their brand. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of putting your business into franchise, as explained by commercial lawyers […]

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Anything but Mad Love? The Truth About Affairs

October 11, 2016

Popular culture portrays affairs as scandalous yet romantic forms of rendezvous. After all, what could be more exciting than forbidden love? In real life, however, affairs are anything but real love. Extramarital relationships are one […]

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Emancipation and Its Effect on Child Support

August 1, 2016

Child support payments, for the most part, end when the child reaches the age of majority. The obligation of paying support, however, may also be terminated by emancipation. This is the process of allowing the […]

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Mad at Your Attorney? Here’s What to Do

July 14, 2016

Dealing with a legal dilemma? The most reliable person you can go to is your lawyer. But sometimes, it can be intimidating to consult one. You will need to choose your words carefully and make […]

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Cutting Corners: Dealing with Legal Fees

July 11, 2016

Whether you are working on the divorce settlements with your soon-to-be-ex-partner or you are dealing with a case of disputes over the family estate, you will need the services of a lawyer at some point. […]