Child Molestation Statutes in Texas: Be Prepared for Harsh Punishments

child molestation

child molestationThe simple accusation of child molestation, even if it’s not true, can turn anyone’s life from peaceful to chaotic. You could lose your reputation, job, friends, and worst of all, your family. You could spend years and years trying to get back all you’ve lost — that is, if you can get them back at all. But, you’ll have to learn to live as a “registered sex offender” your entire life.

Texas Child Molestation Statutes

According to and other firms in Texas, child molestation is defined in the Texas penal code as the act of sexual abuse, sexual contact, or indecency to anyone who is under 17 years of age. Sexual abuse covers the attempt of a person or group of persons to obtain sexual pleasure from minors, even the attempt to expose his or her own genitals to a minor.

Additionally, child molestation includes repeated child sexual abuse, wherein an offender — age 17 years old or above — forces sexual contact with someone under 14 years old. This could result in a first degree felony conviction. But, the usual punishment for this is significantly harsher since this is considered a 3G offense in Texas. Instead of getting five years to life imprisonment and a hefty fine not lower than $10,000 — the punishment for a first degree felony — you could be punished with 25 years to life imprisonment without parole.

Aggravated Child Sexual Assault and other Critical Things to Know

Under the Texas penal code, child molestation law also covers aggravated sexual assault of a child. This crime is defined as sexual assault to a child under 14 years of age with the intent to cause severe bodily harm or with the use of a lethal weapon.

The above mentioned information is just some basic guidelines since there’s so much more to child molestation statutes in Texas. It is also crucial to note that there’s no statute of limitation for child sexual abuse or sexual assault. This means that you may be punished at any time in your whole life if you commit these heinous crimes. Although the majority of child molestation claims is unfortunately true, others are simply false. Get help from a criminal defense lawyer if you’re falsely accused of child molestation.