Denver as a No-Fault, Collaborative Divorce State


RingThe grounds for separation are as diverse as the number of states in the U.S. In Denver, the scales of justice are no different, as it follows Colorado laws on divorce, separation and annulment. As the judicial and political landscapes change, so do various matters that relate to divorce laws.

It is important to note that divorce and annulment are two different things.  Annulment entails the dissolution of the marriage itself, denying its existence from the day of its consummation. On the other hand, divorce admits of its existence but puts forward that it can no longer be continued due to the irreconcilable differences of the parties.

This, however, does not mean that divorce is an easy process; it still involves an investigation and a full court procedure. For this reason, a Denver divorce attorney, like, is necessary to ensure successful and harmonious litigation.

Denver as a No-Fault or a “Collaborative” Divorce State

Denver is a no-fault state. This means that the court process involved may be non-adversarial. What this entails is that parties may harmoniously settle their differences. A seasoned divorce attorney of your choice will act as a mediator for you and while your other half will appoint his own counsel. This way, both parties will be sufficiently guided on the letter of the law and can settle things amicably.

If, however, the settlement is unattainable, litigation would still take place and the parties involved will be able to pursue their demands. However, the original counsels may no longer participate in the interest of justice.

What a No-Fault Divorce Entails

It entails a peaceful settlement which allows better transition for the family that involves younger children. It also allows for a more amicable settlement of former jointly owned properties.

In all aspects and every stage of the ordeal, it is best to be guided by a counsel that you can trust. While the process may be difficult, with enough guidance and dedication, it will all tide over.

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