Differentiating Your Brand from the Competition

Brand CompetitionEverybody wants his or her company to stand out and be unique from the competition. Differentiating your brand from everyone else is an easy concept, but its planning and execution are difficult. Certain things need to fall into place for you to break through. There are factors out of your control, but there are also ways you can be distinct.

Here’s how you should do it:

Alternative Pricing

According to Red Rider Creative, one of the ways to differentiate your brand is to provide alternative pricing for your products or services. Some companies have a diverse line of products to cover different markets and needs. Some offer affordable or mid-priced yet quality items to attract customers with varying budgets.

Offering a unique payment structure is also a good differentiating point. Some companies offer 90-day retainers for their services or extended credit for loyal customers. You may also consider a month-to-month payment for consumers who want to defer payment so they have more cash on hand.

Good Old Fashioned Customer Service

Providing customers with excellent service is always a good idea; some companies may have excellent products, but lack the heart to connect and help people. Customers now have more power because they can discuss how good or bad a brand is online through their social media accounts.

More and more companies are adopting automated business models in some aspects of their customer service. Potential customers often deal with or talk to bots that reply to their emails and messages. By making your company customer-centric, you are already differentiating your business from the competition.

Emphasis on USP

The unique selling proposition is vital to the identity and success of your business. That’s why you must always mention it in all of your advertising campaigns. Include it in your logo or slogan to remind your audience of how choosing you is beneficial for them.

These branding strategies enable you to differentiate your company from the rest. Doing so helps you gain market share and a loyal following.