Digital Marketing in 2017: What Will Happen to SEO and Mobile?

Online Marketing in DenverPresently, all online marketing is channeled towards SEO because search engines dominate the online market and play a crucial role as the gateway to the Internet universe. However, we are now in the year 2017 and as you know, changes in the digital world happen all the time, as in blink, and you might just miss something.

There will be many changes regarding search engines such as improvements to image and voice search, topics instead of just keywords, and prioritizing conversational search questions, among others. But the most noteworthy shift that digital marketers need to be aware of is the way users use the Internet.

Mobile and Everything Else

Mobile Internet use has become the norm. This all started way back in 2015 when mobile searches outshined desktop search when it comes to volume. Because of this, it a website’s mobile responsiveness became a crucial ranking factor in terms of increased online influence and presence. Furthermore, a survey by Search Ranking Factors found that 88% of respondents say that mobile responsiveness would be more influential this year. For a clearer understanding, here’s an illustration of the change to mobile use and users’ search behavior that’s considered non-traditional.

The typical Internet user uses their mobile phone for opening Facebook and chatting with their friends, looking up their profile, and checking out new posts. They then open Instagram or Twitter to look at trending posts and photos, or open Pinterest for some date night outfit inspiration or look up DIY hacks. Then they watch YouTube to see new videos of their favorite vlogger. These Internet users do all of these right on their mobile devices without having to open a search engine. Put simply, you must be able to modify your existing SEO strategy and better align it with how Internet users are using and engaging the Internet, says an SEO expert in Denver.

Essentially, you must have a thoughtful, organized, brand-appropriate, and consistent presence not only across search engines but across multiple digital marketing platforms as well. You have to make absolutely certain that you’re making the most out of these platforms to realize your overall digital marketing campaign — generate ample exposure, get more leads, and drive relevant traffic. Although Google would still reign as king, you’d have to diversify your online marketing efforts to factor in where the search is headed, and not where it was in 2016.