Do You Have Issues with Child Support?

Child Support

Child SupportChild support law differs per state. Some may be strict, while others are more lenient to the situation couples are in. As the child will grow separately from one of their parents, the custodial parent needs to make sure that they’ll be well supported in terms of finances. This is to make sure that the child will still get the best possible care even with the absence of the other parent.

Problems After Divorce

Couples who have issues with child support may be on either end of the situation. Many times there’s one parent who’s supposed to be paying, but hasn’t been doing so for a while. The parent who was supposed to be receiving the payment, on the other hand, now needs legal help to make sure they receive such funds.

Divorce Matters and other legal professionals say that if you’re behind on payments and have already been requested by the court, you may need a lawyer who can represent you. They can provide assistance in explaining the situation — why payments were not made and how the problem of non-payment is being handled — to ease the worries of the custodial parent.

Responsibilities of Your Attorney

Your lawyer has to multitask constantly during your case. Other than gathering information and evidence non-stop, they have to stay in regular communication with you. As family law cases are emotionally driven and involve personal matters, your attorney should inform you of everything that’s going on and how the case is progressing. You’ll be able to tell that you’ve got a good lawyer during your initial consultation. Ask all the necessary questions before hiring them. Don’t feel guilty and find a new one if they don’t meet your demands.

Don’t let child support and other issues give you a headache upon filing a divorce. Make sure your lawyer handles everything successfully to make the process go smoothly.