Do You Want to Grow Quality Plants? Consider These Types of Greenhouses

Vegetables Grown in a Greenhouse

Most people have a rough idea of what they want their greenhouse to look like. You get preferences ranging from a raised dome shape to multi-span structures. Others prefer shade houses or crop top structures, which are all fine. However, you have to go further when considering a greenhouse.

Commercial greenhouse structures provided by trusted manufacturers can be divided based on technology. The higher the technology level, the higher the potential of the greenhouse to attain controlled conditions. These play a vital role in the health of your plants and their productivity.

You should, therefore, seek to make an appropriate investment in any of the following types of greenhouses:

Low-technology greenhouses

Low technology greenhouses have a maximum height of three meters. They have no vertical walls and their ventilation is limited. While this structure is easy to erect, it will have little to no automation, which means that you have to do all the work. It is also difficult to do crop management in this greenhouse, so it is best only to go for this greenhouse as an entry strategy.

Medium-technology greenhouses

These greenhouses have a maximum wall height of six meters. They usually feature side or roof ventilation, or both. They often have plastic films or glass and a varying degree of automation. If you are looking for a compromise between price and productivity, a medium technology greenhouse is an excellent choice.

High-technology greenhouses

The minimum height for these greenhouses is four meters. As the structures are huge in nature, they offer superior environmental performance and crop yield. They often combine side and roof ventilation as well as plastic cladding.

When looking to have a greenhouse, besides considering the cost, consider how capital intensive your choice will be. The idea is to get an option that’s highly productive, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. It pays to seek the counsel of an expert from the get-go.