Failing to Replace Lost Teeth: What Can Happen?

Man smiling with a missing tooth

Injury, poor care, wear, and gum disease can lead to missing tooth. This can compromise the overall look of your smile, as well as your physical appearance. As a lost tooth can create gaps between your teeth, you may feel embarrassed to show off your teeth, especially when smiling or laughing in public. Gaps, however, are not the only consequence of not replacing a missing tooth.

Old Bridge, New Jersey dental implant dentists at Midjersey Smiles share the other things that can happen if you fail to replace a lost tooth:

Effects on Diet and Nutrition

With missing teeth, you may not be able to enjoy all your favorite foods. You may find it hard bite or chew certain foods, with the likelihood of overusing other teeth to compensate for the things you may able to do because of lost teeth. This can compromise your diet, leading to poor nutrition, as well as digestive issues.

More Gaps and Misalignment

If not replaced, this may cause the other teeth to move, creating more gaps and throwing off your bite. This will then require other dental works like orthodontics to fix the alignment issue. And if you are missing several teeth, you are likely to see changes in your facial shape and appearance, with sunken cheeks and asymmetrical lips.

Losing Healthy Bone and Teeth

Bone loss and deterioration are the biggest problems related to lost teeth. This negatively affects the healthy gums and teeth, which also puts you at risk for decay and cavities, which can lead to losing more teeth. Dental implants can prevent bone loss, as it provides a stable foundation for your replacement teeth. This is not possible with conventional options like crown, bridges, and dentures.

Problems with Speech and Social Interaction

Missing teeth can also create problems associated with speech. With missing front teeth, you may find it difficult to produce some words. In fact, some cannot pronounce certain sounds, while others develop a lisp. This can compromise not just your daily communication, but also social interactions. Missing teeth can also affect your chances of landing your dream job or scoring a second date.

Don’t let these repercussions lower your quality of life. Talk to a dental implant dentist today to find out more how these restorations can give you the smile you deserve.