Family Law: How a Lawyer Can Help You

Judge gavel and blocks spelling family law

Family law involves legal issues concerning family relationships, which covers child custody, adoption, foster care, divorce, wills, estate, and even inheritance. Family law attorneys in Denver, such as those from the Burnham Law Firm, P.C., handle all kinds of cases related to these matters, and they are essential in reaching a proper resolution.

Why You Need a Family Lawyer

A family lawyer represents a client/s during a court proceeding and helps prepare documentation and presentation for any case. Family law is comparatively a general practice area, which can include such cases as foster care, child support, and even divorce proceedings. A family law attorney often deals with the following cases.


Every partner will need a lawyer to devise an arrangement plan to end a marriage. Generally, divorce lawyers are highly skilled at partitioning marital properties, determining spousal support, and recommending a fair plan for child custody, support, as well as visitation.

Child Support or Custody

Settlement agreements, court orders that involve support, and custody typically are incorporated in bigger divorce cases. However, these can be revisited when the conditions change. Child support can be adjusted when the non-custodial parent’s monetary condition changes.

Adoption or Foster Care

Adoption is a very complicated process that varies depending on where the child came from, the location where the state law applies, and the adoption process. A family lawyer can help arrange the documentation and guide would-be parents.


Anything that relates to wills, inheritances, and statutory rights of a person’s surviving relatives would need the expertise of a lawyer who knows the laws that govern such matters. If you want to make a will and ensure that your property will be distributed evenly to your family, you should get a family lawyer to help you finalize the documents. When looking for a family lawyer in Denver, be sure to find one who can help you in the specific area that needs to be resolved. Make sure to choose the one who has the experience and skill in your specific area of concern.