For Function or Fashion: The Development of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Development of Cosmetic Dentistry in LondonIt is not out of place to think that cosmetic dentistry serves a single purpose: to improve the aesthetics of one’s smile. The reality of it, though, is it also improves oral function and brings about positivity.

The Development of Cosmetic Dentistry

Today, whilst cosmetic dentistry generally refers to the type of dental work that serves to improve the look of a person’s teeth, gums and bite, Fresh Dental and their team of cosmetic dentists from London have concrete proof of the positive effects that it provides. Their patients, as seen through before and after photos, can attest to how cosmetic dentistry has changed their lives for the better. These benefits are due to the technological advancements the dental industry has had, especially in recent years, wherein the development of cutting edge procedures have come to define a new era in dentistry.

Unknown to many, cosmetic dentistry has been in practice since time immemorial. It was in 3000 BC when civilisations began brushing their teeth with sticks as the earliest form of oral hygiene. From sticks, the first toothbrush made use of animal hair in the late 1400s. Sanitary issues were its biggest issues, but eventually, in 1938, the first nylon toothbrush came to be.

Rooting the development of cosmetic dentistry in the toothbrush is just essential — it is the primary tool in teeth whitening and keeping the mouth clean. Dentures, on the other hand, appeared around 700 BC, through the Etruscan’s use of ivory and bone. Documented history also cites how the use of dentures, made from human or animal teeth, was already common practice.

These primitive dental practices primarily served to maintain oral health, because how would one survive with impaired eating and talking skills?

Teeth Whitening and Dental Implants

Of the various treatments under cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening remains to be amongst the most popular. Studies have shown that by improving one’s smile, tooth whitening boosts self-confidence and affects the social and professional life of a person. This renewed sense of positivity leads to smiling, which adds years to one’s life.

Similarly, dental implants have the same effect as teeth whitening. The only difference is the treatment procedures that dental implants require. With a complete set of aligned and beautiful-looking teeth, a person would no longer be ashamed to talk or eat in public.

Cosmetic dentistry, through treatments like teeth whitening and dental implants, can increase the confidence of a person and lead to a better life.