Fun-Filled Family Adventure: Bringing the Wife and Kids to the Rodeo

Rodeo riding

When you have kids, it can sometimes feel as if your entire house has turned into the Wild West. Nothing compares, however, to experiencing a real-life rodeo. Bringing your family to the rodeo is an adventure they’ll remember for years to come. Get some straw cowboy hats for the girls and cowboy boots for the boys, and get set for the rodeo. Your kids will enjoy being cowboys and cowgirls for the day, and being in costume makes the event more fun and real.

Horsing Around at the Fair

Most rodeos will have fun activities for kids. There are plenty of things to see and lots of things to eat. Not everything will be healthy, but you can spoil the kids that one day — in fact, go ahead and spoil yourself too. Sign up your kids for activities that you think they’ll enjoy. Maybe some crafts for budding artists or maybe mutton busting (sheep riding) if they’re feeling more adventurous. Take the wife around the grounds and buy a few souvenirs to remember your trip — it would be nice for your kids to actually have something to show when they tell their story to their friends when they get home.

Enjoying the Rodeo

Kids will be kids — so prepare lots of snacks and be ready for bathroom breaks. Note all the possible exits, as well as the shortest way to the bathrooms. Engage your kids — tell them a story about your first rodeo and get them to react with the crowd. Soon they’ll be cheering and clapping as loud as everyone there. Just make sure your kids are comfortable — with snacks nearby — so that they can enjoy the show to the utmost. The animals, the cowboys, and the action and extravagance of the rodeo would have your kids glued to their seats — unless they’re up cheering.