Home Maintenance Advice: Pay Attention to Your Furnace

Man fixing HVAC

Furnaces come in handy especially during winter to fend off the cold weather. However, homeowners should not make it a habit of attending to their furnace only when the cold climate approaches.

Left idle for the greater part of the year, the furnace is still best checked on a regular basis. A professional maintenance check could and should be done annually, and homeowners can save themselves the trouble by securing a maintenance agreement with a company like All Hours Plumbing and HVAC offering furnace services in Salt Lake City. With this setup, consumers not only save on repairs and prolong the life of their HVAC system, but they also won’t have to contact the servicing company every year.

Avoiding the Big Chill

Some homeowners would hardly pay attention to their heating system until the chilly months come along. Seeing how the frequency of furnace use comes in mostly during the winter, many homeowners would tell themselves that their furnaces should work fine and last longer.

Unfortunately, the fact remains that the furnace is still categorized as a machine. This means that like most equipment, it goes through the usual depreciation. There’s also the risk that as a machine, it may fail at any time if it is not regularly operated. This is a reality that affects most appliances and utilities that are left unused.

According to HVAC experts, roughly 75 percent of reports of broken furnaces may be attributed to a lack of maintenance. Furnaces that don’t give off heat can pose a serious problem in households that get extra chilly in winter.

Aside from the extreme cold, other concerns that stem from a broken furnace include carbon monoxide leaks that would be hard to detect. Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, and nausea. Such could even lead to death.

Survey – then call the professionals

In some cases, folks try to find ways to get their furnaces to work. Though they may come up with a temporary solution, it would be best to wait until the experts are available to do a proper check and the major fixes.

At this point, the best thing for a homeowner to do is to check the HVAC unit and look for some abnormalities. This includes seeing if it is receiving power or if the thermostat is properly set. For units running on gas, checking the pilot light and gas supply would be a good idea. Always remember to exercise caution when doing these checks.

Do take note that checking a unit is different from actually tinkering with it. Assessing the unit would be fine to see if some temporary recourse can get it up and running. If all external tactics fail, the best option is to wait for the professionals to arrive.