How Much Do You Need To Pay For Snow Removal At Home?

removing snow on a road

Americans pay almost $115 on average for snow removal services at home, although the standard price range costs between $50 and $180.

If you live in Minnesota, one of the trickiest parts to get rid of snow build-up includes the roof. Snow removal in Minneapolis may cost more or less than other cities, depending on several factors.

Determining the Price

The size of your roof will be a major factor aside from the amount of snow that needs to be cleared from above. In other parts of the house such as the driveway, most people tend to remove snow themselves yet a professional may be a better option.

This particularly applies to steep or curvy pathways to a home’s garage. If you need multiple clearings during the winter, ask beforehand whether a contractor’s rate involves the entire season or per clearing. It may be more practical to hire them for the entire snowfall period since a one-time option is usually more expensive. Take note, however, that some professionals may increase their rates after you exceed the number of clearings in a season.

Common Roof Problems

Many homeowners worry about their roof during heavy snowfall for a good reason. Snow build-up left for too long can cause problems such as leaks and ice dams can damage this part of the house. If you have an attic, protecting the roof against ice dams will be important to prevent damages to drywall, paint and other surface areas.

The primary cause of ice dams involves a lack of ventilation. Make sure that there is proper insulation in the attic and well-maintained gutters to reduce the occurrence of an ice dam.


Snow removal can be a complicated process. It would be better to hire a professional to do this task for your safety. How much are you willing to spend on this service?