How Much Should You Pay for an Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

knee injury

The price of arthroscopic knee surgery in the U.S. may cost around $4,500 on average, but it may amount up to $7,000, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Patients should expect the price to be more or less expensive depending on where they live in the country. Hence, the cost of an orthopedic surgeon in Utah may be lower than the services of another professional in Los Angeles.

Surgical Advantages

Patients who are fit for arthroscopic surgeries generally recover faster, due to the minimal invasiveness of the procedure, notes Michael J. Carlson, MD. A surgeon would only need to make three small incisions in the affected joint, where surgical tools are inserted aside from a tiny camera that lets the doctor do their job.

Those who are young are more responsive to this kind of treatment, including those in their early 20s. Patients who are older may need to consider other forms of surgeries such as a total or partial knee replacement. Also, take note that patients pay significantly more if they require hospitalization.

Hospital Bills

If you require total knee replacement surgery with an average hospital stay, you should expect to pay $49,500 for a 3.4-day confinement. Those who are hospitalized for partial knee replacement normally pay 20% less of that amount, since they only need to spend 2.3 days on average in a hospital.

Be sure to consider in-patient charges, as these are typically excluded from the overall bill. If you have insurance, it’s best to anticipate out-of-pocket costs such as work done by an anesthesiologist and physical therapists among others.

Consult an orthopedic surgeon first before deciding if arthroscopic knee surgery is the best choice for you. Even if you don’t have insurance, some doctors may be willing to treat your condition since there are no complicated payment processes involving claims.