How Technology has Changed the Traditional Identification Card

businessman pressing modern technology panel with fingerprint


ID cards have evolved from a form of identification to a smart tool with plenty of potential uses. In New Zealand and other countries, the ordinary photo ID has evolved with the use of innovative technology. Modern ID cards now use scanning technology for tighter security and allow companies to monitor where their employees go.  Here are two noteworthy improvements in the use of ID cards.

Biometrics and Security

The ID card started out not only to help in personal identification but also as a form of security within the company. But the flimsiness of the ID made it an easy target for forgery. Security requirements have changed ID card technology. ID cards now contain more information as technology now has made it possible to embed data into magnetic stripes or integrated circuit chips.
The biometric information allows users to verify their identity through fingerprints or facial recognition. This has been useful in verifying room or building access, timekeeping, and airport security.
Additionally, lost cards could not be used by anyone else to enter the company premises. It is almost impossible to authenticate the card without the proper fingerprint. These new technologies have upgraded the security system for many companies.

Swipe as You Go

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) have allowed identity verification without the need for contact between the ID card and the reading equipment. The card can be on the person or inside a wallet, and the information can be read as the employee passes. With this technology, employees spend less time logging in to work. This feature is useful in tracking employee movement. Turnstiles can be placed by the door and would only allow those with the RFID or NFC ID cards. With numerous sensors, it is possible to track the individuals or guests on the premises. This helps prevent unauthorised entry in restricted areas.
Modern technology has changed the use and purpose of ID cards for the better. With improved safety and security features, ID cards are again a reliable means of verifying a person’s identity.