How to Dress up Like a Cowboy

Cowboy HatTo look like a real cowboy, you sometimes act and talk like one. You try to imitate the way real cowboys in southern states move and walk. You also study and imitate the way they talk and spend several hours perfecting that southern twang. You even try to develop that love for country music though you’re more of a pop music kind of guy.

But it’s not enough that you act and talk like a real cowboy. You have to dress up like one, too.

Dressing Up Like a Cowboy

So how do start dressing up like real cowboys (and cowgirls)? One important trademark of a cowboy is the cowboy hat which you often see in western movies. No cowboy gear is ever complete without it. Invest in a nice pair of cowboy boots. Look for one that has high tops to protect the shins. Wearing a pair of denim jeans gives you that feel of being a real cowboy.

Wearing a Wild Rag

But above all, wearing wild rags completes that cowboy look, A.A. Callister’s explains, which is a silk scarf worn around the neck by cowboys or cowgirls whether they are at work or play. It protects you from the elements like dust, wind, and rain. When you are out camping, you can use it to hold the pot. In case of emergencies, you can use it as a sling to support your arm or as bandage for wounds. You can even hold it to strain drinking water.

So dressing up like a real cowboy does not only make you feel like one. It makes it easy for you to blend with other cowboys.