How to Keep an Attractive, Clean, and Healthy Lawn

A clean, neat, and green lawn is something to be proud of as a homeowner. It means you are taking good care of your yard and your family gets to enjoy a nice, cool outdoor living space. The question now is how do you really keep your lawn nice and beautiful? Be guided by the following lawn care and maintenance tips so you can make your yard much more attractive.

Mow it regularly

There is no better way to keep your lawn pretty and tidy than mowing it regularly. Getting your lawn mower to work might sound simple, but did you know that the task can be quite complicated? Doing it too often, for instance, may affect the grass’ health and lead to scalping.

Trimming too seldom is neither a good practice because it may cause awkward overgrowths. The frequency of trimming depends on the kind or variety of grass you have, so it’s best to consult your landscaping contractor. While you’re at it, ask them about the ideal mowing height per variety as well.

Give it some love

Your lawn also needs nourishment so it stays green and healthy. Water it regularly. During hotter and drier months, you must give it more drizzle. Remember that like other garden plants, grass has to be well hydrated to survive and flourish.

Fertilizers are also necessary when it comes to lawn care and maintenance. Industry experts and companies offering lawn fertilization in Salt Lake City suggest applying fertilizer about two to three times a year.

Banish the enemies

Unwanted weeds and plants make your lawn look ugly. What’s worse is they may also eat up the nourishment that’s supposed to be for your grass. Kill them right away when you see them. They’re easy to find because they have features different from your grass — leaf shape, size, and color. Make sure you take their roots off when you pull them from the ground.

Making your lawn clean and attractive requires effort, but once you hear the neighbors’ compliments, you know it pays off.