How to Remove Bed Bugs and Keep Them Away

shadow of a bed bug in a bed

Getting rid of bed bugs is not as easy as it sounds. Bed bugs are warm-blooded insects that feed on human and animal blood. They usually announce their presence with itchy, red bites. It can be a huge challenge to remove them from your bed or your house because they are often too small to hunt down and they live in the smallest of cracks.

Greenside Pest Control shares some insights on how you can win the fight against these pesky insects.

Fighting a small enemy

Bed bugs are resistant to typical pest control treatments because they hide so well. The most effective insecticide will not do much good if they do not reach their target. The eggs are encased in a tough material. When the adults succumb to pest control attempts, the eggs only need to hatch to replenish the population. Finding the eggs and disposing of them is nearly impossible since they are microscopic.

Where to start a treatment?

According to some pest control experts in Sandy Utah, it makes sense to start bed bug control in the room where somebody has been bitten. Seal pillowcases, blankets, bed sheets in a plastic bag and dispose of properly. Replacing these items is the only effective way to remove bed bugs from the room. Removing the mattress is necessary since the eggs may already be embedded within.

Since bed bugs can enter the smallest of cracks, the bedposts must go, too. Bed bug extermination can be costly because you need to consider the cost of replacing the entire bed and some other room furnishings.

When the entire household is asleep, bed bugs come out of their hiding places, crawl under the covers, and latch on the skin to find a prime spot. The EPA has a list of more than 300 items that you can buy and use against bed bugs. These products are evaluated for safety and efficacy. You may try these products, but know that spraying the room with an anti-bed bug solution is not enough to solve the problem. Calling the professionals is still the best option.