Local Outsourcing May Solve Canada’s Shortage of Skilled Workers

Man welding metal

A lack of skilled workers in Canada for industrial jobs such as metal fabrication in Edmonton or welding in Toronto should lead factories to consider local outsourcing.

By giving these jobs to third-party companies, industrial firms could focus more on their operations. This solution should be an option for them as the shortage of qualified workers persists in the country.

Willingness to Hire

Factory owners would not think twice about hiring more people if they could, based on an Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance survey. The poll showed that 41% of companies are willing to add more workers, provided that their qualifications meet the job description.

An aging worker population in the industrial sector aggravates the problem. A 2017 survey by the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association revealed that many workers above 54 years are due to retire in the next 10 years. Despite salaries ranging between $26 and $29 per hour, factories still struggle with finding recruits. Employers have to be more resourceful in beefing up their manpower, which may involve sub-contracting work to a third party.

Employment Growth

The industrial sector seems not the only one that’s having problems with employment, although this largely affects workers. Canada’s jobless rate increased in August to 6%, after net losses reached 51,600 jobs. In Alberta, the unemployment registered at a higher rate of 6.7%.

Manufacturing and construction job losses comprised more than 25,000 jobs in the same month, which means that there are more vacancies in different factories. If you’re faced with an urgent timeline, the best solution for now would involve outsourcing your work to a local company.

Skills and training development projects among existing workers may be another solution to increase the number of skilled personnel in factories, yet these take considerable time before producing results. On the contrary, a third-party might be able to help you fill in critical operational roles whether on a part-time or permanent basis.