Negligible Mistakes That Cost Ex-Fathers Custody Rights

Child Custody

Child Custody in Los AngelesWith the rising child custody cases, each parent is trying to secure custody of their lovely children. Judges consider various factors and merits before they decide who should get parental rights for their children after a divorce.

However, ex-fathers are losing most of the child custody cases today after divorce proceedings. Attorneys like Joel S. Seidel and Associates note that ex-fathers often have limited child custody and visitation rights due to various mistakes they intentionally or unknowingly make.

 Lacking financial stability

Most judges consider the financial ability of the ex-father in meeting the children’s consistent needs. The nature of the ex- father’s job can help the judges to determine whether the children will be properly supported or if being under the custody of their ex-father will only subject them to more struggles and suffering. Living in a place without schools and with poor neighborhoods may make the judges assume you can’t give your children a safer environment.

Careless verbal insults

Fathers who bad mouth their divorced wives in the presence of their kids make a regrettable mistake. Once the ex-spouse reveals before the judges that you hauled insults on her, the children may be questioned about it during the trial. If it happens that you insulted your ex-wife, chances of getting child custody become very minimal. In fact, bitterness makes most fathers to harshly insult their ex-spouses in the presence of their children and they make every conversation abusive and unbearable.

Dating before the divorce case is over

It’s advisable for inpatient ex-husbands to remain as discrete as they can. Family members and friends who see you having fun with a new girlfriend in public may feel hurt and be compelled to inform your ex-spouse about it. If the ex-spouse reports the matter to a judge handling your on-going divorce case, they may seek to investigate whether you bring strange women in your house at night. If they confirm that’s what you have been doing, they will deny you custody of your children.

Although most ex-fathers complain that custody cases favor women more, they don’t realize that the trifling mistakes they do greatly contribute to this. However, those who stick to the advice the Los Angeles child custody lawyers give them have higher chances of getting favorable verdicts.