No More Tossing and Turning: Fall Asleep Faster in 4 Ways

Ways to Fall Asleep QuicklyMost of us are stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of tossing and turning at night. If this happens to you every night, it is easy to get frustrated. You may feel stressed about the wasted hours and not getting the shut-eye you badly needed.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to fall asleep faster. Setting up a routine or going to bed and waking up at similar times every day is one good way to fall asleep quickly and rest soundly. Here are some tips you can try:

Try Acupressure

Some acupressure tricks can help you doze off faster. You can do this by applying pressure between the eyebrows (or top spot of the nose) for about 20 seconds. You can also use your thumb to apply pressure, and gently the massage the ball of your foot until you feel restful.

Time Your Caffeine

Caffeinated drinks can boost adrenaline production and keep you wake long after your last sip. It is important to note that it takes about six hours for the half the coffee (or other beverage) you consumed to be processed. This why it is best to avoid them in late afternoons or early evening.

Make Your Bed Comfortable

The wrong choice or bedding and sheets can also affect your sleep. If possible, switch to king size bamboo sheets. These products are anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and comfortable. You may also want to replace lumpy and shapeless pillows with new and washable ones.

Get Up

If you still can’t sleep after 20 minutes, don’t continue forcing yourself to go to sleep. Get out of your sleeping area and go to another room. You can try drinking a cup of tea, reading a book, or just relaxing. Be sure not to watch TV, surf the net, or check your email.

Apart from these tips, be sure to avoid too much exposure from blue light or electronic screens. It is also a good idea to write or make list of your worries to lay your anxieties for the day. Create list of the things you need to handle tomorrow so you cannot think about them tonight.