Nurseries Aren’t the Problem, So Don’t Act Like They Are

day nurseries

In recent years, mums have been made to feel like failures by the conservative agenda just for sending their children to day nurseries. The pervasive thought that sending a child off to education too early leads to behavioural problems is a load of tosh that points the finger towards an institution that can’t defend itself.

day nurseries

Behavioural problems occur in everybody, regardless of when their parents put them in a nursery. Is there enough evidence to suggest that children from Derby sent to nurseries like Galaxies Day Nursery, for example, have more chances of becoming problems in later life? No, there are trends, and trends are much too general to make any kind of definitive links between the two. But anti-nursery activists have linked them nonetheless.

The only argument explicitly against day nurseries is the quality of staff, a problem that’s continually being addressed. The argument goes that the people put in charge of caring for our young have no idea what they’re doing, well, neither does anybody else. There are no golden rules in early education that much is clear, children have different needs and learn in different ways.

It is difficult to expect a single program could affect every child positively, and it is just as difficult to expect a single program to affect every child negatively.