Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

social media planning in Brisbane
As a small business owner, you might be jealous of the deep pockets of bigger enterprises for advertising offline and online. However, this is a misconception that you need to stop thinking about because you are capable of maximising your resources and reach your target audience effectively.

According to an expert on social media management in Brisbane, these are some strategies to implement.

Quality Over Quantity

Numbers are nice to look at, especially if they are in the thousands and even millions. However, small businesses may not reach these lofty statistics. All is not lost because the quality is always more important than quantity. You should not resort to buying followers just to pad your social media accounts as this will have a negative impact on your reputation. What matters is follower engagement; the more engaged they are the likelier they are to share your content or even buy your products.

Follow Others

Some businesses are too inward and focus only on the content they publish. One way to utilise social media fully and gain followers is to follow others. On different platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, you should be following your customers and the competition. You do this for two reasons, the first one is because social media suggests other people to follow who share the same interests or network. This allows you to reach a wider audience. The second reason is because when you follow competitors, you are able to monitor what they are doing or even implement some of their successful strategies.

Incentive Programs

People want freebies; one of the ways to boost your following and gain market share is to provide incentives when you ask for subscriptions, likes or other similar requests. Experiment with contests, giveaways and other activities to attract attention.

These are only some of the strategies that allow you to reach your audience and maximise your marketing resources.