Some Thoughts on Keeping the Pool Clean and Healthy

Vacuum for pool

Pools are a lot of fun for the whole family. With summer, swimming is an activity where people can invite their friends and enjoy the cool water in their own backyard. To keep the fun going, regular swimming pool maintenance, especially in Salt Lake City, is necessary.

Keeping a Pool Clean

A clean pool is necessary to enjoy a backyard swim fully. There are some things that the owner can do to maintain the pool. These are some simple steps that do not require a maintenance person. A pool has to maintain a balance in acidity or alkalinity. One has to keep between 7.2 and 7.8 pH levels.

A pool at this level will require less chlorine. Most pools have self-cleaning mechanisms, including a skimmer basket, and a hair and lint pot. The skimmer keeps the pool water clear of debris and contaminants.

If there is too much of these, the pool starts to get cloudy. The hair and lint pot is a trap meant to catch hair, short threads, and other small debris. Keeping the pot clean allows it to collect dirt more efficiently.

A pool also has a water filter. This should undergo regular cleaning. Some filters have a cartridge system which can be easily replaced when it gets dirty. This helps maintain the water quality of the pool.

Chlorine and Ozone

An Ozonator can help relieve the dependence on chlorine. Combining an Ozonator with a UV light works better. A chlorinator is also needed to keep the chlorine within their proper levels.

This is a small device that regulates the amount of chlorine that goes into the system. Without a chlorinator, one has to treat the water manually with chlorine. The owner should be familiar with both the Ozonator and the chlorinator for efficient operation.

Having fun in the pool is not a chore. However, proper pool maintenance is necessary to keep the pool and its water clean. For proper maintenance, which includes checking the various pumps and pipes, a professional pool maintenance technician is required.