Spot-Check Your Blog: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do


bloggingBlogging has to be one of the most effective strategies created for online marketing.

According to Hubspot’s 2012 Inbound Marketing Report, 5% of companies reported that their source of traffic and new customers are their blogs. Blogging several times a day raises the chances of getting a customer, according to 92% of companies in the survey.

As blogs are tools for marketing, it follows that there are rules, but rather than discuss the things that would draw readers to your blog, learn about their pet peeves first:

Block of Text

A blog post filled with mile-long paragraphs is painful to read online. Sure, the novels are getting you excited with solid single paragraphs filling a whole page each, but not online. You can cut your paragraphs into small sections, as suggested by industry guru, by putting in subheadings and using numbered lists.

Clickbait Titles

Journalism tells you to give your titles a bang to catch your reader’s attention. Your seven-word headlines are competing with other shorter headlines, and you must catch your reader’s attention in a matter of seconds – we get that. But be careful and never use clickbaiting and mislead your readers. Never let your headlines be too interesting and yet deviating from your content. Appropriate your title with your text and let only the facts excite your readers.


Corporate blogging should be professional and polite, but casual. Profanity may be funny at times but not with your company blog. Choose to talk the way you would to your new customers. You would not want to ruin the first meeting by your language use.

Check on these things before you hit the Publish button. Make sure your articles do not commit any of these three big no-no’s and your blog will surely attract readers.

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