Staying Indoors this Summer Can Still Dry You Up

Woman Drinking a Glass of Water

The scorching summer heat and high humidity put everyone at risk of dehydration and other heat-related illnesses. Temperatures in the Carolinas, in fact, were predicted to have heat index values between 105 and 109 in June.

Instead of going outdoors and soaking in the sun’s rays, a majority of people just stay inside the house to keep cool in air-conditioned rooms. The air conditioning repair services in Gastonia, NC can attest to the constant use of air conditioning during summer after servicing a lot of faulty units, in fact.

Unfortunately, the cool air from air-conditioning units can still cause dehydration.

Dangers of Dehydration

You can still become dehydrated even when inside an air-conditioned room. Cooled air has a lower moisture content, causing exposed individuals to lose water from their lungs through the skin. As the water level in your body goes down, you’ll feel faint, nauseous, and weak. It may also aggravate headaches and migraines. Other symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, a hard time swallowing or drinking water, dry eyes, and itchy skin.

If neglected, severe dehydration may lead to low blood volume shock and heat-related illnesses. It may also worsen chronic conditions such, as diabetes or kidney disease.

Remaining Cool and Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is a priority during the summer months. Aside from drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content is a great way to prevent dehydration.

Moreover, it’s important to be mindful of the environment to avoid unintentionally dehydrating yourself. Keep your air-conditioning units well-maintained so the temperature is regulated. It is advisable to have your unit’s thermostat turned up whenever you leave your home to help it cool the space faster, then lowering the temperature once you return.

Dehydration is a condition that should be taken seriously, especially during summer. Remember to take care of both your body and your home environment to prevent dehydration and enjoy the season.