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Home Ownership: How to Chase Your American Dream Right

July 3, 2016

Much like other Americans, homeownership is the American Dream every Minnesotan want to realize. Call it the pursuit of material prosperity, but who doesn’t want to buy your family one of the most desirable Edina, Minnesota […]


Why Refinancing Your Mortgage Could Be Beneficial

July 2, 2016

Mortgage refinancing has been a boon for Minnesotans for many good reasons. The most popular is to take advantage of the incredibly low-interest rates, which sometimes even drop below the national average, and ultimately keeping […]

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Troublesome Tenants Can Be Everywhere

April 7, 2016

People who rent their homes can attest to the existence of disagreeable landlords. But, irritation can go both ways, and in some cases, far beyond a feeling of annoyance. Sometimes, tenants may do things or […]