The Best Doors for Your Home

Sliding glass and wood door

Doors are an important fixture in any home, as they can influence a house’s overall design and structure. That includes the bedroom and all the living areas. Doors have an important function in a home so that it is important to make sure you get the right one. In many cases, the best ones are custom size interior doors.

Here are three of the most preferred interior doors:

Passage Doors

Also known as the Hinged Door, the passage door is the commonly preferred door for home use. Passage doors work with one side of the door being hinged to the wall while the other side opens outwards. The structure of an installed passage door consists of two stiles attached vertically to a hinge which is installed on the wall bracket. Depending on your design, some doors come with 2 or 3 stiles. Passage doors are very often used as bedroom doors as well entrance doors.

Sliding Doors

Also known as Bypass Doors and instead of opening outwards like most common doors, sliding doors work by having rollers attached to a track that allows them to be slid back or forth. Depending on the design, the rail is usually installed either at the bottom of the door or overhead.  The sliding door is usually used for as the preferred to open into bigger spaces such as a wardrobe or patio or garden.

Folding Doors

These extend the idea of the passage door and sliding door. The folding door is fundamentally a set of doors that are hinged to each other instead of a wall and is mounted on a rail. The doors fold outward into the shape of a U. Each section consists of two vertically hinged doors. The folding door is also a common favourite door to open into the patio.

Doors are an essential part in the total design and style of a house. Know which one will help in creating the right atmosphere and architectural design for your home.