The Significance of the Scissor Lift in Everyday Work

Scissor Lifts For Hire in TaurangaIn the multitude of construction equipment and machines, lifts are used for a range of purposes. The mechanical device, prevalent in a variety of industries, goes by a number of names. Depending on where you live, a lift can also refer to an aerial work platform (AWP), mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) or cherry picker. Not only do these lifts go by different names, they are also available in different types, which correspond to the task at hand.

Getting to Know the Scissor Lift

The scissor lift, in particular, is a type of AWP. An American, Charles Larson, was the first to patent the lift in 1963. What differentiates a scissor lift from the other AWPs is its elevating mechanism. The scissor lift can only move vertically. This is because of its build: a mechanism utilising a series of linked, folding supports in a criss-cross ‘x’ pattern. Its appearance is similar to a scissor’s shape, thus giving it the name. The vertical motion makes use of applied pressure on the exterior of the lowest set of supports, extending the crossing pattern and propelling the lift upwards.

The contraction of its scissor motion can either be hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical. The mechanical action can be through a leadscrew or rack and pinion system. Take, for example, how there are scissor lifts for hire in Tauranga that have working heights reaching 7.8 metres.

Like other lifts, the applications of a scissor lift include use in commercial centres like shopping malls, and storage areas such as warehouses. The entertainment industry,as well as telecommunication and electricity companies also use scissor lifts in the maintenance of their facilities and in other sorts of work requiring high-reaching equipment.

The Significance of the Scissor Lift

The scissor lift’s many uses in everyday work make it a valuable piece of equipment. Although it only allows for vertical movement, unlike other types of lifts, this is the exact reason why it is of great value. Its criss-cross ‘x’ pattern makes it sturdier and safer than other types of lifts and gives it added security. This also allows for reaching greater heights.

Electrical posts, for example, are crucial for a nation to function, and scissor lifts enable the speedy maintenance of these structures. More than anything else, a scissor lift is a practical device to use for any towering operation.