Tips on Preparing for a Long Drive

A couple going for a road trip

Long road trips should be fun. No one wants to experience problems along the way, and the least anyone would want is to be involved in an accident. So, before you grab the wheel, you must learn about these long drive preparation must-dos to get to your destination safely:

Tips for the Driver

If you are the driver, be sure to get enough sleep. This will help you stay awake and alert while driving. Bring hard candies, chewing gum, or other snacks. Turn the radio on or use GPS to keep you alert while on the wheel. Know the traffic rules and regulations along your route, especially the cell phone laws in countries or states. Lastly, remember to bring your driving license, car manual, and vehicle registration.

Tips for Passengers

Passengers don’t simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. They must look after their driver. At least one of the passengers should stay awake to make sure the driver remains focused on the road. Bring snacks, water, first aid kit, and extra clothes. Passengers (and the driver) must buckle up all the time.

Conditioning the Vehicle for a Long Drive

Cases of car breakdowns and road accidents happen each day in the U.S. One way to avoid this is by making sure the car is in good condition before a long drive.

  • Have a mechanic check the overall condition of the vehicle and consider car repair in Alexandria, VA if necessary.
  • Replace worn out tires.
  • Check the brakes, lights, horns, and air and oil filters. They should be on their top condition; otherwise, fix or replace them immediately.
  • Fluids and oils should be at correct levels.
  • Bring tools, a jack, and a spare tire.
  • Eliminate extra weight by cleaning the interior of the car.

Additional Tips for a Safe Long Drive

1. Don’t rely on coffee or energy drink when sleepy. Pull over and get some sleep.
2. Don’t drive when under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance.
3. Enroll in a roadside assistance program.

Being on the road for hours makes you a step closer to danger. But you can remain safe until you reach your destination when you drive with care and prepare your vehicle for a long drive.