Tools for Cool: Keeping Your Room Temperature Low

Air Conditioning in IndianaYour bedroom has to maintain a specific temperature for you to sleep. Too hot or too cold and you are sure to be up all night trying to find comfort. During the summer, it can be particularly difficult to find the right temperature. While air conditioning units are always there to bring you relief from heat, they can be expensive to keep. When it is not available, you are going to have to find ways to keep your bedroom cool in the hotter months.

While you are up for air conditioning repair in Indiana, getting that sleep in the summer can be tricky. Here are some things to help you keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature.

Get low

If you want the scientific approach, you should be acquainted with the law of convection. This law states that hot air rises and cold air descends. You will notice that during the summer when you raise your arm in the air, the temperature above is much hotter than that below. It is time to leave your bed and set up thinner mattresses on the floor for you to sleep on.

Freeze the sheets

Your freezer at home works tirelessly all day preserving your food. What better way to use the extra space inside to freeze up your sheets and covers. Put them inside a plastic or large zip-lock bags to keep the smell of food from going to your sheets. Leave it all day and take them out in the night before you go to sleep. Cold sheets do not last all night but it can give you that comfort you need to sleep as the night hours go by.

Creativity is necessary when you are trying to survive the heat. Get a good night’s rest even without air-conditioning units ready by remembering these tips.