Tools for Towing: What You Need to Tow Vehicles Properly

car being towed

Sometimes, a vehicle suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road. There are also times when a car owner leaves his vehicle at a spot that’s not intended for parking. These scenarios require the services of a towing company, which will pull the car to another location. Here are the tools towing services are expected to use.


Be it high-intensity discharge or HID lights for tractors or trucks, lighting is important for vehicles that work at night or in extreme weather conditions. Towing services can benefit from lighting accessories if ever they have to pull cars in dark places or in snowy or rainy weather.

Tire Locks

Tire locks prevent rule offenders from using their cars to escape towing penalties. Tire locks can only be opened by special keys, and offending drivers will have to go to towing authorities to get their cars back.


Ramps are sloped platforms put on the ground to make it easier for towed vehicles to be loaded on tow trucks. Ramps also make it easier to unload towed cars, preventing any damage to the towed car due to improper unloading.


Forks are what towing services use to get a grip on cars to be towed. The forks are usually attached to the car, pulling it up to the towing truck via a ramp.

Motorcycle Loaders

These are made to load motorcycles on tow trucks. Because these vehicles are different from cars that have four wheels, motorcycles require a different kind of loading system.

In summary, vehicles on the road could run out of gas and break down, collide with another car, or simply park in the wrong spots. Whatever the circumstances may be, these vehicles might block traffic and cause inconvenience for drivers and pedestrians. This is why towing services are important, along with the tools they use to tow.