Top 3 Things the Best Nurses Think But Never Say


nurseWhat makes a good nurse? Is it the certification, the dermal fillers training, or the recent conference on medical care they’ve attended? If you’re a nurse, you know very theyll that you are required to be quick, semi-psychic and always on point if you want to even be called competent. But, being a competent nurse is totally different from being a good one.

While nurses can’t always be happy, supportive or nurturing all the time, there are some things that they wish their patients would always know. A big problem is that they can’t say these things because they want to appear professional even if their job involves very personal efforts. So, if you’re a nurse or someone who knows one, here are the unspoken things deep in their hearts:

“We want to get the IV right on the first try more than you.”

Sometimes, it’s not easy to see at what hour you’re getting them. They could be fresh off the nurse’s rest day or they could be at their second double shift. They always want to get the IV right the first try and leave you to rest.

“You can cry on us, but please don’t take it out on us.”

They aren’t solely responsible for your health care and you aren’t the only patient they have. They are willing to listen and offer support during your lowest times in the hospital but please
don’t hurt them.

“They usually cry for you where no one can see.”

Most of the time, this happens at home. No matter what certificates and learning they receive from dermal fillers training to surgery, they cannot help but feel for you. So, even if they look like they’ve been inured to death and suffering, they just choose the place and time to deal with it — preferably where it doesn’t interfere with their jobs.

So, before you make any assumptions about nurses and what they’re thinking or feeling, think twice.

They have more empathy and love for you than you think.

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