Trade Show Tips: Must-Do Marketing Strategies to Make Your Exhibit a Success

A trade show

Trade shows provide business owners with an excellent opportunity to not only show off and sell their products but also build their network and learn about the competition. Exhibiting at a trade show also enables entrepreneurs to meet their current customers and get feedback or insights on their product.

Businesses at a trade show can also build their mailing list for follow-up contact and hire email marketing services such as Vonazon to do the legwork. There’s really a lot that companies big and small can do at a trade show – with proper planning, organization, and promotion, of course.

If you are interested in exhibiting at a trade show yourself, you first need to pick the right show to participate in. Consider the location, logistics, costs, anticipated attendance, and feedback from past attendees to see if it’s worth your time and resources.

Once you’ve determined which industry trade show would be good to showcase your brand and showcase your products in, you can start preparing for it.

For your marketing, make sure to do the following.

Announce your participation on multiple channels

Use your website, blog, email signatures, and social media profiles to announce that you will be participating in the trade show. Create an enticing press release you can post and send to PR sites for dissemination.

Personalize your invitation

Reach out to your prospects and send them personalized invitations to stop by your booth. Offer them exclusive deals to encourage them to visit.

Give a teaser

A teaser, like a creative photo or video clip, to give a preview of what you would be showcasing at the trade show will provide prospective visitors something to look forward to. Aim to intrigue and entertain to draw your audience in.

Participate in press events

Trade shows may conduct pre-show events where exhibitors can demo products to members of the press. These press days are great for media exposure, so prepare to take part in them.

Come up with a creative story behind your product, what makes it special, and what makes it a must-buy, and you may just be featured!

Follow that hashtag and use it too

Hashtags make it easier for participants and attendees to get updates and see what’s up on events. Know the event hashtag that the trade show you’re participating in will be using, and follow it.

This lets you identify who else will be coming, giving you the opportunity to connect with them before, during, and after the trade show. Use the hashtag as well when you post your announcements and updates on social media so you can be part of the conversation.

Doing the tasks above will ensure your booth gets on attendees’ must-visit list, so get those marketing muscles moving!