Trampoline Safety Tips: Stay Injury Free

Trampoline Safety Tips

Trampoline Safety TipsHaving a trampoline at home is no doubt fun, and it is something that will be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is not just a fun activity but is also an Olympic level sport! Trampolining is a fun activity with a lot of enjoyment and great inexpensive way to exercise too and it is a great way to develop gymnastic prowess. However, proper safety is also important when you enjoy and indulge in this activity outdoors.

Here are some safety facts to consider when enjoying trampolines for the family:

  • Trampoline bouncing is great fun but not an activity recommended for kids under the age of six as they aren’t sufficiently in control of their bouncing.
  • Ensure that you use a helmet or sufficient padding for children when trampolining, to prevent injury to the neck, head, arms, face, and legs. Common injuries that occur when using a trampoline is sprains and awkward landings can cause injury to wrist, arms, collar bone, and elbows.
  • There is no guarantee of safety with adult supervision, so be sure to be properly padded as a kid, however, having an adult can help spot a prospective injury before it happens
  • Don’t combine alcohol or intoxicants with trampoline activity, especially if you have a child with you on the trampoline.
  • Consider models that come with safety netting and it should prevent jumpers from hitting the hard parts like the trampoline frame and springs.
  • Ensure that there is proper padding on the trampoline on regions like the springs, hooks, frame and more.
  • Take turns using the trampoline, depending on the size, too much crowding is a common reason many children end up being injured.
  • On windy days or winter days, lock it down; also do not leave the ladder on unsupervised as smaller children can end up using it unsupervised and end up injured.

As a sport and also as a great way to exercise, trampoline is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. Ensure the experience is fun for all and free of injury.