Unleash Your Inner Musician with Audacity

free audacity

Audacity is the hottest and fastest multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. If you want to jumpstart your recording career, you can transform your desktop into a recording studio on-the-cheap by downloading Audacity. To download Audacity, look for trusted sites that carry this open source software.

free audacity

Easy to Find Recording Settings

Most people use Audacity to record podcasts or convert music from older platforms into digital files. By using Audacity, recording audio from external sources is fairly easy. Start by plugging the device into your computer. This open source software recognizes all input types, which includes USB audio and standard mic-in. If you want to record an old analog music source, such as cassette, just connect it to your computer using a line-out cable.

Hassle-Free Editing

The edit menu and the toolbar of Audacity have base-level options like copying, cutting, and pasting. If you want to remove everything except a particular selection of the track, you can easily click “Trim.” To replace the selection portion, just choose “Silence.” The effects menu has many options that enhance the existing audio. You’ll have to play with them to familiarize yourself with the many tools available.

With Audacity, you have everything you need to produce and record your own podcast and music projects. Download free Audacity today and start making your own music without spending much.