Web Design is Not ‘Just Web Design’: The Immortality of Web Design

web design

web designIs website design staring death in the eye or are users simply looking at it from the wrong angle?

There are numerous reasons behind the theory of website design’s possible irrelevance in the future. Still, web design will remain while there is a need for website-based experiences. As long as there is one user craving the online experience, web design will never die.

Contrary to popular belief, Sussex’s range of web designs remains relevant and users actually need it more than ever.

Conversions: The Point of Everything Else

Web design is a miniscule spot out of a bigger picture. Others view it as a small contribution; on the contrary, it remains an indispensable part of a company’s online marketing strategy. The majority of a brand’s promotional tactics relies on responsive website design.

A website should reflect the value of the brand; it must use the same voice, language and tone. Designers in the industry work cohesively to offer a better online experience.

User Experience: A Crucial Aspect

Users are always the first priorities in website design. In order to create relevant sites, designers must always keep user experience (UX) in mind. A simple template is enough to impress, but if it does not meet the user’s need, it can be useless.

For an effective user experience, designers always consider how users will interact with the site. Add-ons and features must be efficient and accessible at all times. By delivering efficient UX, users will keep coming back to the site, which increases value and reputation online.

Mobile Design: The Key to Staying Relevant

Since the onset of Mobilegeddon, where Google encourages websites to become more mobile-friendly, choosing not to do so is a sin. More users rely on their mobile devices, so it is only right to focus on mobile design.

Mobile UX is a priority among designers; this helps brands reach more users through the device they use the most.

Indeed, web design is not about aesthetics anymore—this online platform grows by including new features such as conversion, interaction, accessibility and branding. While some experts believe that web design is dead, it will—to the contrary — stay useful for years to come.