What Causes Root Canal Treatment Failure?

Dentist Talking with Patient

Although a majority of people do not know it, some root canal treatments do fail. It is therefore critical to understand the reasons behind its failure, such that you will be on the lookout for yourself in case it happens.

The rationale behind the endodontics treatment in Springville is to remove the infection, prevent infection or reinfection of the tooth tissue, and filling of the cleaned and shaped system to protect it from contamination. This article highlights three major causes of failed root canal treatment.

Missed Canals

It is possible for a tooth to possess more individual root canals than usual. Unfortunately, dentists could miss these extra root canals as they are incredibly tiny. Since it will be left untreated, this canal becomes the locus of consistent infections.

To escape the possibility of a missed root canal, always seek medical help from qualified and equipped endodontics as opposed to a general dentist.

Inadequate Interior Seal

Root canal treatment success is majorly determined by the structure and integrity of the seal created inside the tooth. This seal acts as a barrier to protect seeping of bacteria and other contaminants from or into the tooth, which might result in an infection.

The seal may not work due to deterioration over time, or under filling during installation making the seal faulty.

Overextension of Filling Material

If the materials used to fill the tooth extend beyond the tooth’s root tip, you are likely to develop and endodontic failure. The formed crevices provide room for the development of bacteria and infection. One can only avoid this problem by having a skillful and experienced endodontic work on your tooth.

If your root canal has failed, you have two options. You either go for retreatment and perform another root canal again, or you extract the tooth. However, before choosing retreatment, seek your endodontics opinion on the success rate of the second treatment.